-- WWE's "The Big Show: A Gian't World" 3-disc DVD set hit store shelves today. We posted the full lineup here on the website yesterday.

-- Jim Ross tweeted the following this afternoon: "I was very uncomfortable with Cole invoking Jerry's late mom into Cole's presentation. He didn't have to go there. Getting 'knocked' by the Raw annoucners monday night was like a junior high kid knocking the varsity. It doesn't matter. Cole is like a yapping dog. One just tunes it out. Thought the 'Presidents/THQ' line was funny...not original but funny." Ross also commented on John Cena's RAW promo with the following tweet: "I thought Cena's response to Rock was one of the best Cena promos in ages. Really enjoyed it."

-- Last Friday, Linda McMahon noted that he is "leaning toward" another US Senate run in Connecticut next year, but also noted that she was not decided yet. Almost everyone in WWE expects it to happen.

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