Source: Miami Herald

Vince McMahon recently spoke to the Miami Herald about bringing WrestleMania 28 to Miami. Here are some highlights…

On Miami As A Location: "You can't deny the warmth and the greeting from officials and the fans. Every one of these WrestleManias takes on its own personality. You want to go where you are welcome. We are very welcome."

On Working With The People In Miami: "You want to work with people who want to work with you," McMahon said. "People who have a similar vision in terms of the event and the entertainment value you can bring, first and foremost. Then obviously there are other financial considerations that you have to look at. We are in business, and everyone is as well."

On Running Outdoor Events: "One thing about an outdoor event is you can do a lot of things outdoors you can't do indoors in terms of pyro and the overall show itself. You can do a lot more [outdoors]," McMahon said. "Again coming back to an open air stadium gives us the opportunity to do things that we can't do in a closed environment. We just need to keep our fingers crossed in terms of maybe a little precipitation, but I think we are good with that as well. We have some connections."

On Describing WrestleMania: "You can liken it somewhat to the Super Bowl, I suppose, but the other aspect of it is it's a hybrid of all forms of sport entertainment rolled into one. There's nothing like WrestleMania. It's like the Super Bowl combined with a Broadway play. Maybe throw in a little demolition derby along with maybe Disney On Ice. It's a combination of so many things, and you've never seen anything like WrestleMania before. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event. To be there, to see it, to feel it, to experience it, and you have to really see it to believe it."

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