Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas recently caught up with Earl & Brian Hebner in part two of Right After Wrestling's "Referee Series". Here are some highlights:

Brian on Earl's debut with WWE in 1988 on The Main Event during the legendary 'Twin referee' angle: "I was actually confused when I saw dad on TV. I was actually convincing myself that it was my uncle (Dave). He called me earlier in the day and said, 'Do me a favor, watch WWE tonight.'"

Earl on kayfabe: "I was always a secretive man. I never gave away nothing. Never told anybody nothing. And if I didn't tell my son, then you knew I wasn't going to tell anybody anything. Kayfabe is long-gone! It doesn't even exist anymore. Years ago (when I first started) kayfabe was a 'golden word' in this business and it no longer means anything anymore... When Vince (McMahon) announced that wrestling was entertainment, that sort of thing took the business down. He (Vince) made it a soap-opera instead of it being the wrestling business."

Earl on the Montreal Screwjob: "When people ask if I 'screwed Bret', I say 'you damn right I did'! When I was walking to that ring, I was thinking Bret wasn't screwing Vince, he was screwing everybody in that dressing room. I didn't do it for Vince (McMahon) I did it for all the boys in the locker room for everybody that ever put him over in that ring."

Brian on the Montreal Screwjob: "My dad did what he did because he wanted to protect the company and the people he worked with/for."

Earl Hebner on reconciling with Bret years later: "He saw me and said I know you did what you had to do and I'm no longer mad at you. I said 'thank you' to him and that was that."

You can check out the full 30 minute interview at this link.

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