Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The latest on The Rock's return to WWE is that company officials want to keep his appearances 'special' and obviously don't want to overexpose him prior to WrestleMania 27. According to sources, The Rock is expected to appear on at least one more RAW broadcast prior to WrestleMania to help push the Cena-Miz match. It'll happen as we get closer to the big event.

The Rock tweeted the following after the Triple H-Undertaker confrontation on RAW: "loved seeing both Undertaker and Triple H return..what incredible crowd reactions for both..very happy for them - epic match!"

Numerous people backstage believe The Rock is extremely happy to be back in WWE after seven years. He's told people he's missed being in front of the live crowds.

The Rock's mother also stated the following last week: "I was so proud of him. It was emotional to me, as his music hit and he appeared. It was flashbacks through the past, through three generations in the business we've loved throughout. By the time he hit that ring and took that mic and I saw the goose bumps on his arms, I knew he was in it. The connection between him and the fans was incredible. Like he had never left."

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