Source: JR's BBQ

Jim Ross updated his blog and discussed a variety of topics, including WWE's recent signing of Mistico, who will go by the name Sin Cara.

On WWE Signing Mistico: "I applaud the way that WWE introduced Sin Cara to the WWE Universe as he will arrive in WWE after a few weeks of advanced TV promotion already meaning 'something' and feeling much more significant than other newcomers. Very innovative offensive performer along the lines of the great Rey Mysterio. Sin Cara has a magnificent opportunity to become a global star in WWE. The final verdict, as always, will be rendered by the paying customers based on how well the gifted athlete delivers inside the squared circle. It will be interesting to see what brand, Raw or Smackdown, gets the opportunity to showcase Sin Cara."

On Ric Flair: "Happy Birthday to my dear, long time friend Ric Flair. 'Naitch' is one of a kind and the mold was certainly broken with Ric. He was and is simply a natural at the biz of sports entertainment and he can still verbalize with the very best alive. Some of my work calling Flair-Steamboat, Flair-Terry Funk, and Flair-Sting in WCW always brings back exhilarating memories of doing old school, play by play and being able to add legit emotion based on the personal issues and meaningful championships that were involved."

On a Sting vs Undertaker match: "Speaking of 'Taker, that Sting vs. Undertaker WM27 match that many just knew was going to happen at WM27 looks a little 'iffy.' Seriously, I said many times that I did not think that Sting would likely venture into WWE at this point in his career. All people have 'comfort zones,' including yours truly, that we are reluctant to leave. In hindsight, at least in my view, more often than not and especially for veterans the 'comfort zone' thing isn't a negative."

On Michael Cole in real-life: "Emailer...Is Michael Cole's TV persona more like his real life persona than when he played the straight man/corporate announcer? I'd probably say, yes. Cole's is not the laid back, easy going guy in real life that he portrayed early in his announcing career. He has taken to being a 'jerk' on TV like our sauce to ribs."

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