Rey Mysterio recently spoke with AOL Fanhouse, here are the highlights…

On Alberto Del Rio: "I think it's awesome. If there's anything that is not part of myself and who I am it's jealousy and envy. I always wish Alberto the best even though we clash in the ring. But he comes from a second-generation family. Growing up, his father was one of my all-time favorite wrestlers (Dos Caras). Even though for the short amount of time that he's been a part of this company he's succeeded very well."

On Sin Cara: "I think the opportunity now shown is that the doors are open for anybody that has the quality to be part of WWE. You have the talent, you have the desire to be a superstar, come and the doors will be open and if you can make it, you'll be one of the top dogs. Alberto's a big proof. When I came into the United States, I pretty much followed the Guerreros and Jerichos, a path as they just left Mexico and went on to ECW, WCW and WWE. So it was kind of a little train that we were taking around. It kind of feels good in a way that those doors have been opened for other Mexican wrestlers. Like you said, now with Mistico coming in, I want to say that I think those doors were eventually opened by the talent that myself, Eddie and a lot of wrestlers that started their careers in Mexico have opened up for other guys."

On Getting Cartilage Injections In His Knees: "It did for a period of time. I guess either the effect wears off or ... Actually, I got a series of shots. I want to say maybe eight or twelve of them. For a while, and I think that's what's probably held my knee up up to now. But it might be that time actually to look into probably getting a couple more. It's a session of four every time I get it done, one every week. So, we'll see what happens after WrestleMania."

On His Health: "I try to push everything aside, especially when this part of the year comes around. Thank God and knock on wood that I've been feeling good. You know, some bumps and bruises, soreness here and there especially after a match like Elimination Chamber, but I'm looking forward and am ready to move on to WrestleMania."

How Much Longer Will He Wrestle?: "I'm 36 years old right now and I feel good. Besides my knee, after the first surgery, it's always slowed me down a bit but I've been able to adapt and modify my work to the extent of being able to still entertain the fans. If I can still entertain them and do what I do best, then I'm good for still a good amount of years. There's still nothing in the back of my mind. I just want to keep on pushing forward and feeling that excitement, that adrenaline rush every time I step into the ring."

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