-- Phil Marquis sent this one in: I just returned from Chris Jericho's book signing in Mississauga, Ontario. The signing was scheduled to start at 1PM. I arrived at around noon and there were already lots of people. There was no bracelet system like I read from another book signing report. A clerk just gave sticky notes after writing whatever name you wanted Jericho to dedicate the book to. There was rock music playing and some guy was on the mic asking trivia questions and giving away gift cards. The guy on the mic announced that Smith Hart (Bret's oldest brother) was there and people had the opportunity to take pictures with him if they wanted to. The guy on the mic also stressed several times that this was a book signing and that there would be no pictures and you must have purchased the new book to get an autograph. Before the actual signing started a woman took the mic and told people that they, in fact, would take pictures. Jericho finally arrived at around 1:20PM. He took the mic and said something like, "Hey you guys have some rock music here! This is the probably the best place so far! Alright! Let's sign some books!" I'm pretty sure Chris Jericho was more than happy to sign whatever people brought, including his first book, magazines, action figures, and even some kid's forehead. In and out of the ring, Jericho keeps proving how awesome he is. Just before my turn came up, the rock music had changed to boring piano music so Chris Jericho got up, turned the music off and said "It was like a funeral home in here!" to the applause of the people waiting in line. Finally my turn came up and Jericho was really nice. He chit chats with you, asks you how you are, thanks you for coming and just genuinely seems happy to be there.

-- According to Gabe Sapolsky, Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole are finished with EVOLVE. The two told Sapolsky that they were informed they are no longer allowed to work for the promotion by Ring of Honor. That's interesting if true. We'll keep you posted here on

-- G.I. Ho, who worked for MLW, WEW and Dangerous Women of Wrestling, among other groups, celebrated the birth of her first son on Friday. Former WEW and DWOW regular Tai "Killer" Weed gave birth to a daughter about a month ago. Congrats to both women!

-- featured a note that former WWE and WSX star Aaron Aguilera (aka Carlito's henchman Jesus) is working for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

-- Impact Championship Wrestling returns to the Queensborough Elks Lodge this Friday March 4th with Low Ki vs. The Amazing Red, Homicide, The FBI of Little Guido and Tony Luke, Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, Azrael, Joel Maximo, Danny Demanto, Dan Maff and The Dirty Rott.

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