-- Chuck Palumbo was on Busted Open with Doug Mortman, Dave LaGreca and Reby Sky this past weekend. When asked about Billy & Chuck, he had this to say: "You know honestly I got to say that was one of my most fun times. You know first of all I got to work with Billy Gunn, who was a veteran and had been around a long time. He [Gunn] was showing me the ropes number one. Number two, I was getting some TV time, so I was digging that, you know. I've got nothing against gay people, you know, ask Matt, they're always making great gay jokes and making fun of people behind the scenes. I took it as a joke. I had fun with it. I mean I had a lot of fun with it. My only comment on that would be that I just wish, I felt like when it disbanded, it had a lot of miles on it. A lot of times there's a reason why they disband things. I think at the time Billy Gunn was about done with his contract and you know they decided to let him go, but I think it had a lot more miles left in it. Than again when Vince [McMahon] put that together, he put that together for cable network ratings... so he had a reason for it. He wanted to get that final rating on that SmackDown show, so I guess he did what he thought was right you know, but I thought it had more mileage left." You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

-- Jerry Lawler will be appearing at a Traditional Championship Wrestling show on April 9 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He will be the "mystery" tag team partner of Matt Riviera for the Traditional Championship Wrestling tag team titles. Rodney Mack, Jazz and Beautiful Bobby Eaton are also scheduled to appear. For more information, click here.

-- FightLine.com has an article about UFC President Dana White talking about how he feels BJ Penn won his fight with Jon Fitch this past weekend at UFC 127. White didn't seem too impressed with Fitch in the piece. The bout between Penn and Fitch this past weekend was supposed to determine a new top welterweight contender, however ended in a draw. For the full article, click here.

-- Shawn Michaels signed autographs at the World of Wheels Auto Show in Detroit, MI yesterday. He posted pics of the signing on his website at this link, you can check out footage from the signing below:

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