Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Bill Bane sent this along: After Raw ended they had a dark match where John Cena and Randy Orton took on The Miz and CM Punk, with Michael Cole as the guest ref. The baby faces won. Cena then thanked the fans for coming, ripped on The Rock and he and Orton pandered to the crowd.

-- CBS News is covering the John Cena vs. Rock feud. You can check that out at

-- Eric Sturrock sent this one in: On my DirecTV during Raw, they ran a commercial for "A Foundation for a better life", then went back to the show as Tamina was eliminated from the battle royal, a minute of the match.

-- The Miami Herald recently spoke with Kevin Nash, here are some of the highlights…

On Returning To WWE: "Circle of life. Vince was the first one to give me the big break. I was back before asold-out crowd at the Boston Garden [TD Garden]. I got a response beyond what I expected. I knew I made the right decision."

On Working For TNA: "I had a good relationship with Dixie and enjoyed my time there. I have a lot of friends in TNA. It was just time for me to move on. There are so many more opportunities in a larger organization like WWE, especially outside of the ring, that it was pretty much a no-brainer."

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