Jim Ross has posted a new blog, here are the highlights…

On WrestleMania Announcers: Who's calling/broadcasting WM27? I honestly have no idea. I don't know the thought process in using Cole or King on the show as broadcasters. This is a WWE decision but if they don't announce this particular event, I'd find it challenging for them to, then I supposed that Josh Mathews would be joined by Booker T and/or Striker, Grisham. Perhaps WWE will enlist @JoeyStyles to get back in the saddle for one night only. Who knows?

On Sin Cara: Is there room for both Rey and Sin Cara in WWE? Absolutely. Why not? Do some feel that because both are Hispanic, masked stars that they cannot both be major assets in WWE at the same time. I think not. WWE is lucky to have both men. Rey is an established main event star and a future Hall of Famer while Sin Cara has a huge upside but has to prove himself to the WWE fans.

On Michael Cole: I agree with many emailers that Michael Cole is the type of antagonist that one legitimately wants to see get beat up and humiliated. He has Cornette-like heat hearkening back to the Mid South days where fans lined up in droves to see somebody, anybody humiliate the manager of the Midnight Express. Same emotion elicited by the late Andy Kaufman in Memphis. BTW most fans don't realize that the Lawler-Kaufman issue lasted well over a year.

On The Rock's Return: I am personally ecstatic that The Rock is back in WWE for WM27 and no matter Rock's role he's going to positively add to the event in multiple areas. Rock is a huge star on several fronts and his promo ability is as good as it gets. People 'over think' Rock's return as in what's going to happen when he's not on TV? How does he make Cena/Miz look? What happens if Rock steals the show in Atlanta, etc? All talents throughout the Raw and Smackdown rosters need to step it up to attempt to get on Rock's level. Competition is great for everyone. If Rock, Austin, etc make the incumbents dig a little deeper to perform at a higher level then everyone wins especially the fans. I have no idea what Rock is going to do at WM27 but I can assure you that it will be impactful. His interactions via Twitter, @The Rock, directed to Cena, etc have been entertaining. How anyone can intelligently argue that WWE made a mistake bringing Rock back for WM27 is goofier than a pet coon and need to stop drinking the bong water.

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