Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- Taryn Terrell gave an interview with the UK Sun where she talked about how posing nude was easier than being in a WWE ring. She says she did Playboy because he first fiance said she wasn't pretty enough. She wants to do the magazine again and admits it was her only reason for being in WWE. She also mentions the incident with Drew McIntyre which led to her arrest and she believes her firing. She says: There was no issue. There was a security guard that knew who my husband was. He just decided to cause trouble for my husband. I stood up to the guard and I took the fall. Nothing had really transpired. It was just this security guard. I have no clue why people want to screw you over for no reason when you don't even know them. Maybe they are jealous because they can't do what he does. It was obviously a really difficult time in our lives, but we've moved on, we're really happy. We've always been in a good place. It's silly that it was reported that we weren't. I think it had everything to do with my release from WWE. Everything else was going really well for me, Vince was happy with my work and I was progressing well. I'm saddened by it of course, because it was out of my hands. There was nothing I could do. But I understand. They're a PG company and worried about their image. I really believed that because everything was cleared immediately with it, that they were going to take me back because there was no evidence against me for anything. I really hoped they would have given me that chance as they have given several of their superstars and a few Divas that have got into situations. But it's given me an opportunity to move on with my life and move on to something new.

-- Angelina Pivarnick was not the only reality television star on hand for last Thursday's TNA iMPACT! taping in Fayetteville, North Carolina as former Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay also attended the event. He was looking for work. Talk regarding his behavior was favorable and company officials appeared receptive to using him again. However, that's been in the case in the past and he still has yet to return. Hulk Hogan said they'll get back to him.

Fairplay was under contract to the organization in 2004 and 2005, but did little of note because the Jeff Jarrett led creative team didn't think he was talented. Company president Dixie Carter was said to be his major backer due to his 'reality star' status.

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