-- On March 16th, Ted DiBiase will appearing at the Florida Championship Wrestling show in Punta Gorda to sign autographs and team with his brother Brett in a match.

-- Christian has stated that he should be back in the ring by the time SmackDown! tours Germany on April 15th.

-- WWE.com recently interviewed Evan Bourne about recovering from his rotator cuff injury, here are some highlights…

"I had five anchors put in, four months of physical therapy and a couple of weeks rolling around in the ring. It was really intensive. It was at least a twice-a-day type of thing. I would meet in the morning with my physical therapist, and then in the afternoon or evening I would be going to the gym on my own, doing my Thera-Band [an elastic resistance training device] work, light weights, keeping my cardio up, stretching and everything else."

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