Source: TMZ

Shad Gaspard's wife has spoken more about his arrest, telling it was racial profiling. Siliana Gaspard says that Shad didn't try to resist when a cop tried to arrest him for jaywalking on the way to the the Arnold Fitness EXPO. She said that Shad got to a kneeling position to show he wasn't resisting and got shoved face-first into the dirt anyway.

"They are profiling him," she said. "He's being treated like a n****r."

Shad was with Strikeforce fighter Josh Barnett, who posted support for Shad on his Twitter:

"Shad Gaspard arrested because a Columbus officer abuses his authority. False jaywalking charge + attitude turns to handcuffs and tackling."

Law enforcement claims Shad was arrested for resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

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