-- Thanks to many readers that emailed in to let us know that TNA's Brian Kendrick was on the Price is Right today. UPDATED: Brian Kendrick did get off of contestants row, and got on stage to play a game. He got to play the game Secret X, which is like tic tac toe. Unfortunately he did not win the prize for that game. UPDATE X2 Kendrick did get to spin the wheel, since he won his way off of contestants row. He spun the wheel and could not beat the young lady that got $0.90. He did say hello to his wife, mom, and his cats when he got time to talk.

-- John Pollock sent this along: This week on Review a Wai (a companion show to Live Audio Wresting) - John Pollock and Wai Ting chat WrestleMania 19 with an interview with David Lagana discussing his role as lead writer for 'Smackdown' at the time of the event. Plus comments from Brock Lesnar on the main event at the show with Kurt Angle, his shooting star press and who suggested he try the move on the show. The show is available here.

-- The Rock tweeted the following last night: "The Miz...you want my attention...well now you got it...champ."

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