Here are the updated details on the WWE Tough Enough cast:

* Rima Fakih - The current Miss USA, a lifelong WWE fan, former RAW guest host.

* Matt Cross - Known on the indy scene as M-Dogg 20. Has wrestled extensively on the independents for Ring of Honor, CZW, a ton of Mid-West promotions and worked the Hulk Hogan Australia tour several months back.

* Jason Watts - His real name Erik Watts, a California independent wrestler nickamed "Big Nasty" who's worked for NWA Hollywood among other groups.

* Juliet the Huntress - A blonde female who initially broke in working and training in Puerto Rico and of late had been working Chicago area independents.

* Christina Crawford - Alicia Fox's sister, who was under a WWE developmental deal prior to filming the series.

* Bobby Robinson - Known as the "Golden Boy", Robinson works independents in the Maine area, including NWA on Fire.

* Andy Leavine - A former lineman for Florida International University and priority agent with the Miami Dolphins. This Brooksville native is an independent wrestler seeking to become a superstar. He's 23 years old.

* Mickael Zaki He's from New Jersey but now lives in Tampa. He's got a degree in criminal justice and first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has spent the past two years competing on the independent wrestling circuit. He's 26 years old.

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