• Here are the ratings for the past week of wrestling programming in the UK.

    WWE Elimination Chamber: 267,000 airing live, replay drew 136,000 viewers.

    WWE RAW (from February 21st, week after The Rock): drew 132,000 live, drew 81,000 in Thursday night's replay and drew 72,000 in Friday afternoon's replay.

    WWE SmackDown!: (from February 25th): drew 163,000 in the first airing, drew 75,000 in Saturday morning's replay.

    TNA iMPACT! (from February 17): drew 158,000 in its first airing on Tuesday February 22nd, yet another record high for the show.

  • The ratings from Mexico are in as well:

    SmackDown! 9.0
    CMLL 2.5

    AAA 3.8
    RAW 8.8

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