Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Ric Flair will miss a scheduled appearance for Harley Race's WLW promotion in Missouri tonight. Ric Flair's morning flight to Missouri was canceled, and he failed to board any later flights. WWE is sending Ted DiBiase Jr. to the WLW show to help Harley Race replace Flair.

-- WWE's Joey Styles and TNA's Bob Ryder have engaged in a bit of a Twitter war, after Styles mentioned the recent attendance at a TNA house show. Here is the exchange they hadů

* Joey Styles: "TNA in Poughkeepsie NY last night didn't have Dreamer, Foley or Dudleys ...and didn't have sell out either. The local Indy sells out there."

* Bob Ryder: "Can't figure out why @JoeyStyles takes cheap shots at TNA. Especially given how often he has said he would like to work there."

* Joey Styles: "To clarify, I'm not criticizing TNA for not selling out but rather the TNA employee that didn't book past ECW wrestlers in NY so they did."

* Bob Ryder: "Glad to hear @JoeyStyles has all the answers to how to sell out buildings. WWE live event business is down. They could use his help."

* Joey Styles: "Here's news much more important than my TNA musings; UFC bought Strikeforce! That is the MMA equivalent of WWE buying TNA."

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