Thanks to reader Zach Takes for sending in these SmackDown! house show results from the US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, IA last night:

Arena was pretty nicely packed with only the top balcony not being full which is how it usually ends up for house shows.

JTG came to the ring to start things off, but Alberto Del Rio and Big Brodus Clay attacked him before he got to the ring then they continued the beat down in the ring until Edge and Christian made the save setting up the main event for later in the evening.

Opening match: Layla defeated Kelly Kelly: Very good match surprisingly, WWE really needs to give their divas more time in the ring on Raw and SmackDown! Both these girls did very well, Kelly Kelly really surprised me.

Showtime Percy Watson defeated Curt Hawkins: Not too many people seemed interested in this one, a lot of people around me were asking who Curt Hawkins was... they obviously don't watch Superstars. Percy looked pretty good in this match though.

Ankle Lock vs. Master Lock challenge match: Jack Swagger defeated Chris Masters: Masters did a nice job getting the crowd behind him and Swagger did a GREAT job getting heat against him with his opening promo. Swagger won with the ankle lock.

Tag Team title match: Big Show and Kane defeated The Coore via DQ. One of the better matches up to this point, the crowd loved Show and Kane.


Chavo Guerrero defeated Tyler Reekes: Chavo got a nice reaction from the crowd and ended up winning with the frog splash.

Triple Threat match for the IC title: Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes. Kofi was definitely over with the crowd, got a nice pop and put on a pretty good match between the three.

Edge and Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay: Edge got a huge pop, the match itself was pretty fun. It was great seeing Edge and Christian as a tag team again.

Biggest Pops
Kofi Kingston
Big Show

Biggest Heat
Alberto Del Rio
The Coore
Jack Swagger
Drew McIintyre

Overall fun show, house shows are usually great and this one wasn't much different.

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