- Mike Tenay leads us into video of Karen and Jeff Jarrett's honeymoon. They have the kids at a theme park and everyone's having fun. Karen is a bit frustrated but the kids say it's the best honeymoon ever.

- Christy Hemme is backstage with Matt Morgan. Morgan says the Mexican people may have picked Hernandez up on a pedestal but tonight, Morgan will knock him right back down. Morgan says he is taking out Hernandez tonight and then coming for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. We go to clips of the feud between Morgan and Hernandez.

First Blood Match: Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

We go to the ring and out first comes Hernandez followed by Matt Morgan for the First Blood Match. Morgan rushes the ring and they go at it immediately. Morgan gets the upperhand first and chokes Hernandez with his boot. Morgan comes back with headbutts and right hands in the corner. Morgan throws Hernandez to the floor and follows him. Morgan goes to slam Hernandez into the steps but it's countered and Morgan hits them. Morgan comes back and tosses Hernandez into them this time. The referee checks on Hernandez for blood.

Hernandez comes back in and takes Morgan down with a shoulder. Hernandez brings a long wooden handle into the ring and hits Morgan with it. Hernandez tries to poke Morgan's eye out with it but can't. The crowd chants for blood as Hernandez continues the assault. Morgan comes back with a big sideslam. His comeback doesn't last long as Hernandez hits another shoulder. Morgan comes back again but Hernandez beats him to the mat and takes him to the corner. Hernandez with a big spear in the corner. Hernandez poses now and taunts Morgan, wasting time.

They both get up and Morgan drops Hernandez multiple times with clotheslines. Morgan with a big splash in the corner and an overhead suplex. Morgan grabs the wooden stick from earlier and goes to use it but it's blocked. Hernandez goes up top but Morgan tosses him across the ring. A fan rushes the ring but the referee tackles him. Morgan helps kick the fan out of the ring. This allows Hernandez to put a chain on his fist. Morgan turns around and blocks the chain shot. Morgan takes the chain and drops Hernandez with it. Morgan calls for another referee because somehow the other one got knocked down when the fan ran in. Morgan goes back to Hernandez. Hernandez squirts a bunch of fake blood on Morgan. Another referee runs down and calls for the bell, seeing the fake blood on Morgan's body.

Winner: Hernandez

- Hernandez runs to the ramp and we see that he was already cut open from the chain shot. Morgan argues in the ring with the referee. Morgan flips him off and leaves.

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