Gen Me is backstage with Christy Hemme. She asks Jeremy a question, but he's interrupted by Max, who says Jeremy came up with a cool idea, and no matter what happens, Max will win the title tonight. He says tonight, he's got a birthday cake from Jeremy, and he's going to put the title on the cake, and blow out the candle, and tonight it goes from Generation Me, to Generation Max. Jeremy doesn't look to happy with that.


JB is backstage with Kaz. Kaz asks who was in the first ever Ultimate X match, and JB says Kaz. JB says Kaz has done, and is willing to do things that other people aren't to win Ultimate X matches, and tonight he's going to make his career by winning the match.


Robbie E. and Cookie are shown arguing backstage. She wants the belt back, and he says doesn't he always have a plan. He says tonight's it's Gym, Tan, X-Division title. Cookie asks a vendor if he has any vodka.

Ultimate X Match for the TNA X Division Championship
- Kazarian (c) vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck vs. Robbie E.

The bell rings, and Cookie grabs Kaz's leg. Gen Me team up on Robbie, and toss him out of the ring so they're able to team up on Kaz. They hit their double team dropkick before Max launches Jeremy into the corner, where he's met by Kaz's boot. Kaz is able to leap over Gen Me and almost gets to the belt by hanging on the ropes, but he's pulled down. Max accidentally catches Jeremy with a clothesline and that allows Kaz to fight back before Robbie comes in from behind and attacks Kaz, tossing him out of the ring. Max foes for the belt while Jeremy fights him, but Robbie is able to fight Jeremy off, and pull Max down, taking him out momentarily. Robbie goes to the ropes, and hangs on, but it's not long before Kaz goes after him, kicks him down, and follows up with a dropping leg drop from the ropes.

Jeremy catches Kaz with a facebuster, and attempts to help his brother get to the title, but Robbie takes out Jeremy and Kaz takes out Max with a huge clothesline. Robbie and Kaz trade blows, with Robbie getting the better of Kaz in the corner, but when they go into the corner, Kaz catches him in reverse pile driver position. Kaz launches Robbie over the ropes where he lands on the ring steps. Kaz follows out on top of Robbie with a dive. Max takes out Kaz with a dropkick through the ropes before Max launches Jeremy up to the top rope where he hits a giant moonsault to the outside on top of Robbie and Kaz.

Kaz is able to make it back into the ring to fight it out with Max, but he's taken out by a big dropkick. Jeremy holds off Kaz while Max climbs for the title. Kaz drags Max down, but Gen Me come up with their double team, back flipping dropkick. Jeremy also catches Robbie with a boot to the face to take him down. Max goes for the titles yet again, and Jeremy attempts to block Kaz at the same time. Kaz knocks Jeremy to the mat, then goes to the other side of the ring where he swings Max by his feet, and catches him with a ace crusher on the way down. Robbie snaps Kaz's neck across the top rope, and he begins to make the climb toward the belt. Max grabs Robbie by his foot and brings him down, catching him with a big boot, and a huge flipping ace crusher in the corner.

Max charges Kaz, but he ends up being launches into the steel truss that holds up the structure in a pretty nasty spot. Jeremy attempts to superplex Kaz, and Robbie comes in with a powerbomb to complete a tower, and all three men come crashing down.

Kaz and Jeremy trade blows before Kaz turns back to Robbie. Robbie attempts to fight back, but Kaz comes up with the reverse pile driver out of nowhere. Jeremy connects with a huge spinning round kick to Kaz's face, but when he goes for the title, Kaz retaliates with a kick to Jeremy's face. Kaz takes Jeremy up to his feet on the top rope and hits a back to the future from the top rope, slamming Jeremy into the mat. Robbie and Kaz both get to their feet and go to opposite sides of the ring. Ge Me pull Robbie down and hit him with dual superkicks before swinging Kaz's legs and slamming him down to the mat, right on his back.

Max sees Jeremy trying to go for the title, and he pulls him down. Jeremy teases not going for it, but then both men end up racing to the title, where they exchange blows while hanging from the rope. Robbie has a ladder and he uses is to slam Max in the stomach after he's already knocked Jeremy off. Kaz is standing on the ropes above the ring, and Robbie uses the ladder to climb for the title. Both men get to the belt at the same time, but Kaz is able to snatch the title out of Robbie's hands, before falling back down to the mat, winning the match.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Kazarian

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