TNA Victory Road: The Ultimate X Match (TNA X Division Championship)

Kaz and Jeremy trade blows before Kaz turns back to Robbie. Robbie attempts to fight back, but Kaz comes up with the reverse pile driver out of nowhere. Jeremy connects with a huge spinning round kick to Kaz's face, but when he goes for the title, Kaz retaliates with a kick to Jeremy's face. Kaz takes Jeremy up to his feet on the top rope and hits a back to the future from the top rope, slamming Jeremy into the mat. Robbie and Kaz both get to their feet and go to opposite sides of the ring. Ge Me pull Robbie down and hit him with dual superkicks before swinging Kaz's legs and slamming him down to the mat, right on his back.

Max sees Jeremy trying to go for the title, and he pulls him down. Jeremy teases not going for it, but then both men end up racing to the title, where they exchange blows while hanging from the rope. Robbie has a ladder and he uses is to slam Max in the stomach after he's already knocked Jeremy off. Kaz is standing on the ropes above the ring, and Robbie uses the ladder to climb for the title. Both men get to the belt at the same time, but Kaz is able to snatch the title out of Robbie's hands, before falling back down to the mat, winning the match.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Kazarian

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