Event: TNA Victory Road Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, March 13th, 2011 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, FL
Results by Richard Gray

TNA Victory Road Opener:

The PPV opened with the video that we embedded earlier tonight focusing on Jeff Hardy vs. Sting.

Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer

Bully Ray cuts a promo putting over Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. He then turns to Tommy Dreamer and starts talking about him. Dreamer comes to the ring. Ray tells Dreamer that he, Hogan and Bischoff are "like this now" and tonight is now No DQ with Falls Counting Anywhere. He asks Dreamer what he thinks, so Dreamer attacks him.

Dreamer cleans house early including a high cross bodyblock. Bully cuts him off with a clothesline but misses an elbowdrop. Dreamer tosses Ray out of the ring to the floor. Dreamer takes a drink from a fan at ringside and slugs Ray with it, then spits one in his face. Dreamer has a fan hold a chair up and runs Ray into it, which Taz called "old school."

Someone handed Dreamer a huge stuffed Minion from "Despicable Me" and drilled Dreamer with it. Taz didn't know what it was and joked that Borash needed to google that. Dreamer dragged Ray into the crowd, where he slammed his head into the guard rail for bleacher stairs, then hit Ray with a stick. He led a TNA chant but was nailed by Ray as he returned over the rail. Ray gave Dreamer an atomic drop on the railing, then nailed him.

Ray beat Dreamer with a kendo stick. He grabbed Dreamer and placed him on the stairs. He went to slam Dreamer with a chair but Dreamer moved. Dreamer nailed Ray and tossed some weapons that just happened to be at ringside into the ring. He nailed Ray with a cane to the head. Dreamer went under the ring and pulled out a blowup doll. You know, because those things are always under the ring. Dreamer nailed Ray in the head and Ray fell into the "69" position with the doll. Dreamer splashed both and covered Ray for a two count.

Dreamer went to come off the top rope with a road sign but took too long so Ray nailed him in the head. Ray superplexed Dreamer into the ring. TNA had a great overhead shot of the move. Ray went for the Bubba Bomb but Dreamer slipped out and DDT'd Ray for a two count.

Dreamer went under the ring for tables just as the crowd began chanting for them. He slipped one into the ring and began setting it up. Dreamer set Ray up for the piledriver on it but Ray backdropped Dreamer away. He killed Dreamer with a trash can shot to the head. Fans began chanting for Devon. Ray nailed a big boot to the face but Dreamer grabbed the bottom rope.

Ray began beating Dreamer with the Singapore Cane. Ray kept beating Dreamer as he screamed at him on the mic. Ray said this one was for Devon and went to put Dreamer through the table. Devon's music hit and out came Devon's sons Terrance and Terrell. They made their way to the ring. Devon came from behind and woke Dreamer up. He snuck behind Bubba and Devon and Dreamer nailed Team 3D through the table on Ray.

Dreamer scored the pin.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer


Christy Hemme interviewed TNA Knockouts champions Winter & Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Hemme said that a lot of people were shocked that Winter saved Sky. Winter said that her actions proved that she has no issue with Sky, and the only issues are Sky's jealousy and delusion. She said that she's just happy that Angelina is seeing that for herself. Sky looked shocked and asked Love if that was true but the champions walked out. Sky asked what was going on.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship
- Angelina Love & Winter (c) vs. Rosita & Sarita

Rosita and Sarita come out first to a bit of a pop from the crowd, and Sarita asks for a mic. She says that tonight is a great night because her cousin and her are walking out of the ring as the Knockout Tag Team Champions. Sarita says she doesn't know what her opponents have going on with Sky, but she knows they aren't focused. Sarita starts cutting a promo in Spanish saying they are dominant women, and then tells the crowd to shut up (still in Spanish), she begins saying Viva Mexico and this gets pretty big heat from the crowd. Love and Winter are out next, and they don't get much of a reaction at all.

It looks like Rosita and Love will be kicking things off for their respective teams. Both women lock up and Love puts on a side headlock. Rosita is able to fight out of it, but gets hit with a shoulder block, a big clothesline, and another shoulder block. Sarita tags in but she eats a big kick and a clothesline. Rosita is in and eats a drop toe hold before Love tags out to Winter. Winter hits a big backbreaker on Rosita but is only able to get a two count. Sarita tags in and is slamming right down to the mat before hitting a great bridging Northern Lights suplex but the pin is broken up by Rosita. Love is able to tag back in, but she's brought down by her hair, allowing Sarita to tag out. Rosita and Sarita go for a double team move, but Angelina moves and Sarita slams Rosita into the mat instead. Winter tags in but she's taken down by a kick to the back of the leg. Sarita tags in but messes up a dropkick and hits her partner. Winter locks in an arm bar and tags out to Love who continues to work on the arm.

Rosita catches Angelina with a cheap shot from the outside, but when she tags into the match, Love avoids a leg drop. Winter tags in and the two ladies hit a Samoan drop/big kick combo. Love argues with Hebner while Sarita goes to the outside to grab a title belt. Love and Sarita fight to the outside and the referee is distracted. Rosita teases hitting Winter but Sky runs in and stops it, allowing Winter to score a roll up. Sarita comes in, tips the roll over so that Rosita is on top, and Rosita gets the three count for new champions.

Winners and NEW Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Sarita and Rosita

- We get a look at Jarrett/Karen and the Angle and Jarrett kids talking about riding the roller coasters at Universal Studios. Karen almost looks a bit annoyed as Jarrett is all about pleasing the kids.


Matt Morgan is backstage with Christy Hemme. Morgan says that Hernandez took away his one shining moment from his family, and from him. The chance to be TNA World Champion. He says Hernandez spent some time in Mexico and he was put on a pedestal and tonight Morgan will knock him right back down. Morgan says his sights are still on the World Championship and there's nothing anyone can do to stop him because it's on his mind 24/7.

First Blood Match
- Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

Morgan's music hits and he runs down to the ring where he immediately lays into Hernandez with a couple of right hands, some knees to the midsection, and choking him with his boot. Morgan is on first as he picks Hernandez up and chokes him in the corner before wearing him down with elbows, a headbutt, and a clothesline over the top rope. Morgan follows to the outside and he tries to slam Hernandez head first into the steps, but Hernandez stops him, and tries himself. Morgan stops Hernandez, and is finally able to toss him into the steps. The referee checks Super Mex for blood, but he's fine so far. Hernandez hangs Morgan up on the top rope before hitting a big spear and going to the outside where he grabs a broom handle. Hernandez breaks the handle and uses it to choke Morgan before trying to shove the broken end into Morgan's face. Morgan fights it off, but he ends up with his face being rubbed across the middle rope instead.

Hernandez catches Morgan with a back rake before jabbing his thumbs into Morgan's eyes. Morgan is able to fight Hernandez off and hit a big side slam, but Hernandez comes right back with a giant shoulder block that knocks Morgan right back down. Hernandez hits Morgan with a big forarm to the back before he slams Morgan's head into the turnbuckle, knocking off the pad. Hernandez takes Morgan down to the mat, and poses for the crowd to a bit of heat. Hernandez charges Morgan, but Morgan comes back with a discus clothesline. Morgan psychs himself up and takes Hernandez off his feet with right hands and clotheslines before charging and hitting a running splash in the corner, and a huge fall away slam.

Morgan grabs the jagged broom handle, and goes to attack Hernandez, but he's caught with a boot to the gut to stop that. Hernandez goes to the top, but Morgan stops him with a body slam from the top rope. A fan jumps into the ring and he's taken out by the referee, Morgan kicks him, and Hernandez takes a chain out of his pocket. Morgan grabs the chain, and wails on Hernandez, and Hernandez goes to the corner. When Morgan goes back, Hernandez squirts Morgan with what looks to be fake blood. A new ref comes down, and sees the coloring on Morgan, and calls for the bell.

Winner by 'first blood': Hernandez


Gen Me is backstage with Christy Hemme. She asks Jeremy a question, but he's interrupted by Max, who says Jeremy came up with a cool idea, and no matter what happens, Max will win the title tonight. He says tonight, he's got a birthday cake from Jeremy, and he's going to put the title on the cake, and blow out the candle, and tonight it goes from Generation Me, to Generation Max. Jeremy doesn't look to happy with that.


JB is backstage with Kaz. Kaz asks who was in the first ever Ultimate X match, and JB says Kaz. JB says Kaz has done, and is willing to do things that other people aren't to win Ultimate X matches, and tonight he's going to make his career by winning the match.


Robbie E. and Cookie are shown arguing backstage. She wants the belt back, and he says doesn't he always have a plan. He says tonight's it's Gym, Tan, X-Division title. Cookie asks a vendor if he has any vodka.

Ultimate X Match for the TNA X Division Championship
- Kazarian (c) vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck vs. Robbie E.

The bell rings, and Cookie grabs Kaz's leg. Gen Me team up on Robbie, and toss him out of the ring so they're able to team up on Kaz. They hit their double team dropkick before Max launches Jeremy into the corner, where he's met by Kaz's boot. Kaz is able to leap over Gen Me and almost gets to the belt by hanging on the ropes, but he's pulled down. Max accidentally catches Jeremy with a clothesline and that allows Kaz to fight back before Robbie comes in from behind and attacks Kaz, tossing him out of the ring. Max foes for the belt while Jeremy fights him, but Robbie is able to fight Jeremy off, and pull Max down, taking him out momentarily. Robbie goes to the ropes, and hangs on, but it's not long before Kaz goes after him, kicks him down, and follows up with a dropping leg drop from the ropes.

Jeremy catches Kaz with a facebuster, and attempts to help his brother get to the title, but Robbie takes out Jeremy and Kaz takes out Max with a huge clothesline. Robbie and Kaz trade blows, with Robbie getting the better of Kaz in the corner, but when they go into the corner, Kaz catches him in reverse pile driver position. Kaz launches Robbie over the ropes where he lands on the ring steps. Kaz follows out on top of Robbie with a dive. Max takes out Kaz with a dropkick through the ropes before Max launches Jeremy up to the top rope where he hits a giant moonsault to the outside on top of Robbie and Kaz.

Kaz is able to make it back into the ring to fight it out with Max, but he's taken out by a big dropkick. Jeremy holds off Kaz while Max climbs for the title. Kaz drags Max down, but Gen Me come up with their double team, back flipping dropkick. Jeremy also catches Robbie with a boot to the face to take him down. Max goes for the titles yet again, and Jeremy attempts to block Kaz at the same time. Kaz knocks Jeremy to the mat, then goes to the other side of the ring where he swings Max by his feet, and catches him with a ace crusher on the way down. Robbie snaps Kaz's neck across the top rope, and he begins to make the climb toward the belt. Max grabs Robbie by his foot and brings him down, catching him with a big boot, and a huge flipping ace crusher in the corner.

Max charges Kaz, but he ends up being launches into the steel truss that holds up the structure in a pretty nasty spot. Jeremy attempts to superplex Kaz, and Robbie comes in with a powerbomb to complete a tower, and all three men come crashing down.

Kaz and Jeremy trade blows before Kaz turns back to Robbie. Robbie attempts to fight back, but Kaz comes up with the reverse pile driver out of nowhere. Jeremy connects with a huge spinning round kick to Kaz's face, but when he goes for the title, Kaz retaliates with a kick to Jeremy's face. Kaz takes Jeremy up to his feet on the top rope and hits a back to the future from the top rope, slamming Jeremy into the mat. Robbie and Kaz both get to their feet and go to opposite sides of the ring. Ge Me pull Robbie down and hit him with dual superkicks before swinging Kaz's legs and slamming him down to the mat, right on his back.

Max sees Jeremy trying to go for the title, and he pulls him down. Jeremy teases not going for it, but then both men end up racing to the title, where they exchange blows while hanging from the rope. Robbie has a ladder and he uses is to slam Max in the stomach after he's already knocked Jeremy off. Kaz is standing on the ropes above the ring, and Robbie uses the ladder to climb for the title. Both men get to the belt at the same time, but Kaz is able to snatch the title out of Robbie's hands, before falling back down to the mat, winning the match.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Kazarian


Jarrett and Karen are shown with the kids. Karen continues to look frustrated, and Jarrett continues to try and impress the kids. Karen asks Jarrett if he's bought a bottle of champagne, but he's got a pizza instead. Karen is upset and says the kids have eaten nothing but crap today. Jarrett says they're going to go on one more ride. Karen says she's glad the kids are enjoying the honeymoon before rolling her eyes.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Beer Money, who do their Beer Money taunt, and attempt to get Christy to do the same, in an attempt to check out her rear. Christy asks for respect. Roode says he's got respect for a lot of the teams he's faced in the past, but for some reason, Shannon Moore doesn't seem to have any respect. Storm says tonight, at the end of the match, Moore is going to know exactly what respect is all about, and respect will not save Moore from the whooping he'll get tonight, before he apologizes about Moore's luck

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
- Beer Money (c) vs. Ink Inc

It looks like Neal and Storm will be starting things out for their teams tonight. Both men lock up and Storm comes up with a headlock. Neal fights it off but gets an immediate shoulder block. Both Neal and Storm block hip toss attempts before both connect with arm drags. Storm slaps Neal across the face, so Neal responds with the same. Storm hits a big neckbreaker for a near fall. Neal comes back with a cross body for a near fall of his own. Neal and Storm shake hands before both tag out. Roode and Moore come in and they proceed to lock up. Moore goes behind, but Roode does the same and slams Moore to the mat. Both men continue to chain wrestle and the crowd is split in their chanting.

Roode connects with the a shoulder block, but Moore comes right back with a dropkick which is good for a near fall. Roode comes up with a tilt a whirl backbreaker, but Moore is right up quickly, and able to tag out to Neal. Neal comes in too fast, and runs right into the corner before coming back into a powerslam from Roode. Roode tags out to Storm, but Moore comes in and drills him from behind before he goes back to the corner and tags in. Moore pounds on Storm and chokes him with his boot in the corner before bringing him to the center of the ring, hitting a quick leg drop, and locking in a rear chin lock. Storm fights out of it quickly, but Moore pulls him down by his hair.

Neal comes in with a big kick to Storm's chest after tagging in. Neal connects with a big swinging neckbreaker before locking in a side headlock and tagging in Moore. Moore stomps away at Neal before tagging right back out. Moore chokes Storm again and Neal argues with Moore. Moore knocks Storm back down to the mat before tagging Moore right back in. Moore launches Storm across the ring into the turnbuckle, but when he launches himself into the corner, he crotches himself on the middle rope. Both men are able to tag out and Roode and Neal both come in swinging. Roode is able to get the upper hand with punches and a couple of fast clotheslines. Roode hits a big back drop and a sick chop to Neal's chest, but he's caught with a boot. Roode is able to respond with a big spinebuster that's good for another near fall.

Storm makes the blind tag and Beer Money connect with a double team lungblower. Moore comes in and goes to work on both members of Beer Money, taking both men down to the mat. Moore connects with a hurricarana on Roode, and moonsault on Storm, and a huge DDT on Roode, but Roode is still able to kick out at two. Both Neal and Moore are up, and Neal gets Roode in Samoan drop position. Roode fights out of it, pushes Neal into Moore and catches Neal with a clothesline from behind. Roode attempts a back superplex, but Moore is able to fight he, and Storm off. Moore launches himself off the top rope onto Storm, but Roode responds by hitting a big urunage on Moore which is still only good for two. Roode continues to work on Moore, but he's caught from behind by Neal. Storm catches Neal with a boot to the back of the head, and Beer Money execute a double suplex on Moore before doing their Beer Money taunt for the crowd and getting the pumped.

Beer Money go for their finisher but Neal comes up with a big spear, and Ink Inc double team both members of Beer Money. Moore teases using the Book of DILLIGAF, but Neal argues with him. Storm catches Neal with a superkick, and Beer Money connect with their finisher on Moore, pinning him and getting a three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Beer Money

After the match, Neal tries to shake the Champs' hands, but Moore swigs some of Storm's beer and spits it in their faces. Neal and Moore argues all the way to the top of the ramp.


Matt Hardy is backstage with Ric Flair and Christy Hemme. Hardy's new nickname is Cold Blood and Flair really likes that. Hardy says AJ Styles is naive, and he needs to keep that in mind tonight. Flair woos as Hardy walks off.

AJ Styles vs. Matt Hardy

The bell rings and Styles talks a bit of trash to Flair before he and Hardy lock up. Hardy pushes Styles into the corner, but when he goes for a cheap shot, AJ is too fast, avoiding it and coming up with some big shots and chops of his own. Styles kicks Hardy in the gut and locks in a side headlock. Hardy is able to fight out of the hold, but he's taken out by a shoulder block. Styles applies another headlock, but Hardy fights out of it. He and AJ continue to trade holds. Hardy is able to hit a shoulder block, but AJ responds with a huge dropkick and Hardy rolls to the outside. Styles teases a dive, but when Hardy rolls back into the ring, Styles stops himself and lands on the apron. Hardy tries to bring Styles into the ring the hard way, but Styles lands on his feet, and tosses Hardy back to the outside. He goes for a dive again, but Flair distracts him by holding his foot. This allows Hardy to connect with a couple of big clubbing blows, a body slam, and a Big Elbow drop.

Hardy charges AJ, and AJ catches Hardy with a low bridge so that Matt finds himself outside yet again. AJ comes to the outside with a big moonsault that takes Hardy out, but while he's laying in to Hardy with big right hands, Hebner argues with him, and this allows Hardy to retaliate. Hardy is able to pick Styles up and slam him shoulder first into the ring post. Hardy breaks the ref's count, and comes back to the outside to continues to beat on AJ. Hardy tries to launch AJ into the guard rail, but Styles slides right under it! Styles follows this up with a big jumping forearm, launching himself from the guardrail. Styles brings Hardy back into the ring where he tries for a German suplex, but Hardy fights it off. Styles tries to fight off an attempt from Hardy, so Hardy simply launches him backwards into the turnbuckles.

Hardy picks AJ up and tosses him to the outside. On the outside, Flair lays in to AJ with chops and punches while Hardy distracts the ref in the ring. Hebner comes to the outside to keep Flair away from Styles and he and Flair get into a shoving match. Hardy brings Styles into the ring, and hangs him up between the bottom and middle ropes, hitting a sick slingshot straight up into the middle rope. AJ attempts to fight back, but Hardy locks in a double underhook submission hold, wrapping his legs around Styles' body. Styles takes a while to go down to his knees, but he eventually does. Styles tries to counter into a pin, but Hardy kicks out. Styles is forced to find his way to the ropes to force a break. Hardy chokes AJ with his boot before trying for the same hold. AJ backs Hardy up into the corner, but Hardy is able to hot shot AJ right into the turnbuckle.

Hardy chokes Styles in the ropes, and while he turns away and argues with the ref, Flair grabs Styles' groin, and Styles screams. Hardy hits a couple of drop down elbows, and goes for a cover but he's still only able to get a two count. Hardy locks in a cravat that brings AJ down to his knees, and eventually his side. Hardy continues to apply pressure, but AJ gets right back up to his feet and takes it to Hardy with big right hands, and chops. Hardy launches Styes in the ropes, both men go for clotheslines and both connect, but AJ comes up with a big jumping enzugiri and both men are down.

Both men get up to their knees, and eventually their feet, trading punches the whole time. AJ gets the advantage with a NASTY neckbreaker across AJ's knee. Styles continues to focus on Hardy's neck with a giant suplex that's good for a two count. Styles goes up to the top rope, but Hardy avoids Styles. Hardy hits the side effect, and goes for the pin, but Styles kicks out at two. Hardy goes up to the middle rope and launches himself off with a big elbow to the back of Styles' head. Hardy calls for the Twist of Hate, and he goes for it, but Styles counters into a backslide for a two count, before connecting with a big discus clothesline.

Styles attempts the Styles clash, but Hardy counters with the Alabama Slam. Hardy goes for the pin but he only gets a two count. Styles picks himself back up and catches Hardy with a back elbow, and a moonsault DDT from the corner. Styles goes for the pin, but a distraction from Flair allows Hardy to kick out. Flair gets up to the apron where he pokes AJ in the eye. AJ fights Hardy off before hitting a Pele kick to Flair's head. Hardy connects with a giant DDT and a moonsault from the top rope, but Styles is still able to kick out of a pin attempt. Hardy tries for the twist of hate again but Styles fights it off. Hardy goes up to the top and Styles catches him with a Pele kick as well. Styles climbs to the top rope and hits the spinal tap off the top rope. Styles goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match Styles runs over and catches Flair with a little bit of revenge for the groin attack earlier.


Jarrett and Karen are shown with Karen screaming at Jeff. Karen says this isn't a honeymoon, it's a family vacation, and Jarrett should know what's missing. Jarrett says he knows what's missing, and it's Kurt. Karen is blown away and not pleased. Jarrett says this Thursday he's going to call a truce. Karen asks where the kids are, and Jarrett says having fun. They come in from somewhere, and the whole family ends up getting doused in water, which causes Karen to scream in anger while Jarrett hugs her and spins her around.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Mr. Anderson who says it looks like everyone is getting screwed, including the President of TNA, Dixie Carter. Anderson tells RVD to stop taking things so personally because this is business, and his business is to win the TNA Championship. Anderson says he's not that bad of a guy, but he's not that nice either. He says he's an a-hole, but he says at least he's not a douchebag, because douchbags finish last, but a-holes always finish first.

#1 Contender's Match
- Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam

The bell rings and Anderson and RVD talk a bit of trash to each other to begin. RVD and Anderson trade blows in the middle of the ring, going hold for hold, a hit for hit. We get a bit of chain wrestling for both men, and an inventive roll up from RVD that's countered by a roll up from Anderson and both men pause. Anderson teases doing RVD's taunt, but doesn't follow through yet. Anderson and RVD lock up, and Anderson is able to secure a side headlock. Both men trade holds for a little while longer before trading a couple more pinfall attempts. Anderson comes up with another headlock, and he takes Van Dam down with a shoulderblock. Van Dam lands on Anderson attempting a leap frog, and Anderson responds by slamming Van Dam in to the middle rope and choking him with his boot.

Anderson sends RVD into the corner hard and follows right in with a running clothesline. Anderson takes RVD over to another corner and slams him headfirst into the turnbuckle. When Anderson tries to send RVD across the ring again, Van Dam reverses it, hits him with a couple of shoulders to the gut, before hitting a springboard single leg dropkick and rolling thunder. Anderson rolls to the outside, but Van Dam catches him with a baseball slide, and a cross body over the top and to the outside. Van Dam picks up Anderson and suplexes him into the guard rail, but when Van Dam goes to the ring apron and tries to go for the spinning leg drop, Anderson moves and RVD's knee connects with the guard rail.

Anderson sends RVD back into the ring, where he repeatedly wraps Van Dam's leg around the steel ring post. Anderson makes his way back into the ring, where he stomps away at RVD's head. Anderson continues the attack on the knee, stomping away at the back of RVD's leg before dropping his own knee down on top of RVD's repeatedly. Anderson locks in a single leg Boston crab.

RVD makes it to the ropes, forcing Anderson to break the hold, and he pounds on RVD with repeated right hands in the corner. Anderson picks RVD up to his feet and he wraps Van Dam's leg around the middle rope, and attacks with a running drop kick. Van Dam limps across the ring, and Anderson attacks with a quick chop block. Anderson pushes Van Dam back into the corner, but Van Dam is able to come up with a couple of big kicks, a clothesline, and a huge kick right to Anderson's face. Anderson tries for the mic check, but Van Dam holds on to the ropes to block it. Van Dam goes for the rolling thunder, but Anderson avoids it and fights RVD off, hitting a back suplex.

Anderson hits RVD with a couple of big forearms and a spinning neckbreaker, but he still can't keep RVD down. Anderson hits the standing Green Bay Plunge, landing on top of his own head, but he goes for the cover, only getting a two count. Anderson goes for the mic check, but RVD fights him off, and both men connect with clotheslines, both crashing down to the mat.

Both men get to their feet where they go blow for blow. Van Dam sends Anderson into the corner and buries his shoulder in Anderson's midsection over and over, but Anderson side steps a charging RVD and RVD ends up going shoulder first into the ring apron, when he gets to his feet, both men crack heads. Both men get back to their feet and RVD launches himself into Anderson with a big cross body that sends both men over the top rope to the outside. Van Dam breaks the count, and both men trade blows on the outside, fighting up to the ramp where Anderson is able to connect with the mic check.

The referee is counting, and both men are crawling back to the ring, but neither man is able to make it back into the ring before 10.

Double Count Out

- We get a canned promo from Jeff Hardy. He talks about Sting wearing sunglasses because he's scared. Hardy says that tonight he'll beat Sting and take back the title.

- We also get a video package showing some highlights from Sting's career in TNA, and why Hogan and Bischoff's reign in TNA is something that Sting wants to end.

TNA Championship
- Sting (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy's music hits, but Hardy is very slow to make his way out for some reason. He gets a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd, but it actually seems a lot more positive than negative.

Sting's music hits and he gets a giant pop before he even makes his way out. It gets louder though, as the Champion makes his way down to the ring, wooing, and showing off his title the whole way down.

JB does formal ring introductions, since this is the main event, and we're finally ready to kick things off, but not so fast...

Just as Sting is announced, his pop is interrupted by Bischoff, who comes down to the ring with microphone in hand and we have a slight change of plans. Apparently there was a situation where the network got into Bischoff's business, and because Hardy was taken advantage of so blatantly, Bischoff is going to be fair. Bischoff asks Sting to shake his hand, but Sting won't do it. Bischoff says Sting can have it his way. In order to level the playing field, and Hardy wasn't able to prepare for Sting, they changed the rules and let Hardy know, but didn't inform Sting to be fair. This is a No DQ match. Sting pops Bischoff and stomps his knee, sending him to the outside.

The bell rings and Sting stares down Hardy. Hardy seems more concerned about where to throw his t-shirt than going up against Sting. Sting backs him up into the corner and Hardy goes into the ropes. Hardy teases throwing his shirt into the crowd, but drops it to the mat instead. We finally get a lock up and Sting lays into Hardy with a couple of big right hands before hitting the Scorpion Death drop. Sting pins Hardy, and pins him, and this one is over.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Sting

Sting looks really upset, and not at all happy about this. Hardy argues a bit with the ref, but this one appears to really be over. Sting holds up the title and celebrated, but Sting really doesn't look happy with this. The fans aren't happy, and Sting says that he agrees, leading me to believe this may not be how things were planned.

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