-- This Monday's RAW is not sold out, although all floor and second deck seats are sold. RAW is currently running a streak of three straight sold-out shows after having had no sold-out shows for months aside from the Royal Rumble.

-- The Post & Courier has a review of Road Warrior Animal's autobiography. You can check that out at postandcourier.com

-- Shawn Michaels' autograph signing in Middletown, New York was a huge success with very long lines. People camped out as early as 8:30 AM to get in line.

-- Steven Fat sent word that there was lots of confusion among the live audience at the Impact Zone following the quick main event result. According to Steven, Bischoff was noticeably seen telling Sting something after dropping the mic. Security quickly rushed Jeff Hardy to the back who was trying to rile up the crowd to chant "BULLSH*T" over the finish. We'll have a breaking update on this within the next hour or so. Stay awake as we're working on the story now!

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