-- WWE's True Story of Wrestlemania DVD set will be released tomorrow. You can check out a review of it at WWEDVDNews.com by clicking here.

-- Bret Hart tweeted the following on Jeff Hardy: "Getting asked a lot about Jeff Hardy. Know very little about it. I will say that TNA fans deserve better than what they got last night."

-- The Rock tweeted the following today: "Team Bring It - today is "Dominate Pie Day" (or strudel pending your gender or preference..)..nothin' like warm pie though.." No mention of RAW.

-- FightLine.com has an article with quotes from UFC President Dana White, Chairman and CEO of Zuffa (the company that owns the UFC) Lorenzo Fertitta and Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker regarding this past weekend's shocking announcement that the UFC had purchased Strikeforce. "We look forward to working with Scott Coker, and the entire Strikeforce and Showtime teams to continue to provide quality content for mixed martial arts fans," said Fertitta. "We feel that together with Scott [Coker], we can continue to build both Strikeforce and the UFC." You can check out the full article by clicking here.

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