Sound Off: Your Thoughts On Tonight's RAW

Sound Off: Your Thoughts On Tonight's RAW
Tonight's RAW saw The Great Khali defeat The Miz via disqualification after Alex Riley showed up and attacked Khali during the match. We also saw the United States Championship change hands as Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan, the returns of Brian Christopher, and Good Ole JR, in an in ring promo which resulted in the beatings of both JR, and Jerry "The King" Lawler, by Jack Swagger, and Michale Cole.

As the night progressed, we also had Randy Orton defeat New Nexus member Mason Ryan, Vickie Guerrero over Trish Stratus in no disqualification bout, and John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio via disqualification after Brodus Clay interfered. After the match, the Miz came out and put a beat down on John Cena for a fourth straight week.

What are you thoughts on tonight's episode? What did you think about Good Ole JR's return to RAW? What do you think about Snooki's exchange with the Diva's which will lead us to a mixed tag match at Wrestlemania? Tell us about it in our comments section below!

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