WWE RAW Results (3-14) - Rock/Cena/Miz, Trish, Snooki & JR Returns!

WWE RAW Results (3-14) - Rock/Cena/Miz, Trish, Snooki & JR Returns!
The show opens up with The Rock talking on his cell phone on the titan tron. John Cena's music hits, causing Rock to get off his phone. He starts talking to Cena, saying he shouldn't have come to his house. A little boy comes out dressed as and talking like John Cena. This goes back to little Booker T and Goldberg, except it ain't a midget or Gillberg. So it's actually kind of cute. Rock starts talking to "Little Cena". Eventually after the kid starts crying, Rock wants to give him some toilet paper, but doesn't have any so he gives him one of Cena's purple fruity pebbles shirts. He then says he has something for him, and pulls out a box of fruity pebbles with Little Cena getting all excited. The crowd in the arena is watching this, totally enjoying it. The kid leaves and the Rock turns to the camera and then starts going off on The Miz. He said he made a few statements, giving the knocking Cena out, giving the people's elbow, talking trash about his family, and asking for the biggest a** whoopin of a lifetime. He tells both Cena and Miz that the time for talk is over, its time for Wrestlemania. He said he will live up to his promise, he will bring it live on Raw before Wrestlemania. He gives his catch phrase, we smell what he's cookin and we are live in St Louis Missouri with Cole, Lawler, and Matthews.

Snooki is shown backstage being quite friendly with Trish Stratus.

Cole introduces himself as the voice of the WWE and he's in what can only be described as a hockey penalty box. He's at ringside in a booth, which he say's he's using to protect himself from Lawler.

Miz comes out and Cole starts praising the Miz, like usual. There's a replay of the clip from 3 weeks ago when Cena & Miz won, and then lost the tag titles. And then the following week when Cena won the cage match, costing Riley's job as Miz's assistant. Then last week's ambush on John Cena by the Miz, and doing the People's elbow on Cena. Miz, who is still Riley-less, does his "really" shtick with the crowd and talks about everything that The Rock brings. The crowd starts doing a really loud "You suck" chant. He does more trash talking on Rock's family. He says that Rock likes to make 6 year olds cry, and if you step in this ring, he will make him cry like a little girl. He talks about Rock talking about beating up Cena where he has 3 weeks straight, and that he owns John Cena. He tells him to bring it, and that he will be overshadowed by his greatness, to put it briefly, and gets huge heat from the crowd. He does his awesome shtick and it sounds like the crowd is doing with him. His music hits, and before he leaves, the GM chimes in. And Cole gets heat for his spiel. Be Cole actually has to leave his penalty box to get to the laptop, and Lawler actually beats him there since he's closest to it. Lawler tells him that his cage is cleaned out by now. The announcement is that there are 2 first time matches for both Cena & Miz. Cena will face Alberto Del Rio, and Miz is to face The Great Khali and that match is to start... after the break.

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