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On Raw: Obviously, it was an interesting night Monday in St. Louis with my 'surprise' appearance that did not make the 'spoiler' list on the far reaching internet. Surprises are good in the genre or so I think. The segment that I joined in progress for a combustible cameo was the highest rated segment of the entire show. That tells me that the Lawler-Cole WM bout is greatly anticipated and that their personal issue has significant interest. Strange, isn't it, how a long arching, well planned and strategic, personal issue still works in the 'ever changing' world of pro wrestling? Not really. Successful TV shows all play upon basic personality traits of their viewers and the King/Cole dynamic is easy to understand and pushes the basic albeit correct buttons of the fans. Pro wrestling doesn't need to be over thought or overproduced which then makes the viewer process too much info.

On His Role At WrestleMania: As I Tweeted earlier today @JRsBBQ, there are several reports on the Internet as to what my exact assignment will be at WM27. Some have even reported it as a firm, definitive news item. The truth is that I have not been informed as to any, definite role I may have at WM27 other than my two appearances at Axxess. Obviously, I would enjoy broadcasting WM27 but that decision isn't mine to make and whatever call is made I will be good with for WM27 weekend. Broadcasting the four hour PPV is a daunting task but a challenge that I always embraced.

On Snooki: While Snooki's in ring expertise may never be confused with many past or present WWE Divas, the value of having Snooki on the Wrestlemania card has already been established with the massive amount of main stream PR that the 'Jersey Shore' personality has garnered. I was amazed at how short Snooki was as she seemed to be cooperative and professional based on my limited observations of her.

On Kurt Angle: Will Kurt Angle ever return to WWE? How would I or any one other than Kurt and the WWE decision makers know the answer to this? However, I'd suggest that most former WWE talents who had the chance to come back to WWE and earn a good, steady living would all entertain that thought. Angle's greatest professional moments IMO were in WWE and him being able to finish in WWE might make for some compelling TV. Again, not my call.

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