Source: NewsDay

Anthony Castellano of Newsday in New York did an interview with John Cena at Madison Square Garden today. Cena had some interesting things to say about The Rock, Miz, Undertaker and Snooki. Here are some highlights:

On current feud with The Rock: "I think we're on to a point if this continues, something physical is going to happen. The fact that he tried to pick a fight with the toughest guy in the place, that's kind of his style. But you know me, I don't back down from anyone. I think it's going to make some good television."

On Rock's role at WrestleMania: "He's supposed to host. That's all I know. When he came back on that first night he said he was back for good. I can only hope that's the truth because I would certainly like to have many, many matches with him."

On going old school and bringing back his hip-hop character: "Rock had come back for the first time in about seven years and did his shtick. I was thinking how to do something different and they [the fans] hadn't seen that in about five years so I thought it would be real nostalgic and different. But I think we're past that now."

Cena also talked about the addition of Snooki to WrestleMania, the Miz being overshadowed, facing Undertaker at WrestleMania one day and much more. You can check out the full article by clicking here.

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