Thanks to Jake Sellers for sending in these results from last night's WWE house show in Hartford, CT.

We were looking to get there early to see the wrestlers arrive and hopefully get some autographs but I guess they got in earlier than last time as we only saw the last few going in.

We arrived just as Miz and Punk were driving in.

Tyson Kidd and I think Primo and someone in the back seat drove by us.

Zack Ryder was riding alone, he drove past everyone.

Maryse and Alex Riley were the last to arrive. Riley had his window down and gave us a thumbs up. Maryse was driving.

We had seats in the 4th row at ringside and were very excited for the event. The Miz was first out to the ring. He cut his standard promo about how were not allowed to say his catch phrase. He got pretty good heat then out comes Randy Orton.

1. Orton over The Miz after CM Punk came out for the DQ. GM says that it will be Orton and Cena vs Miz and Punk in the main event tonight. Miz is pissed.

2. Evan Bourne, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov beat Primo, Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder. Air bourne on Ryder for the win. OK match.

3. R-Truth defeated Ted DiBiase. It was much more entertaining than the previous match with both wrestlers working towards the house show crowd. Several near finishes.

4. Great Khali defeated Alex Riley. Highlight of the match was Rileys mic work which was very good. I would have rather listened to him cut us down for 10 mins than watch this horrible match.

5. Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan in a street fight and retains his US title. VERY good match that went probably 20 to 25 minutes. Daniel Bryan delivered so many stiff kicks and chops to Sheamus that his chest was the same color as his hair by the time the match was over. Brogue kick ended it.

6. Eve and Gail Kim beat the Bellas. I don't know what happened, I went to get food.

7. John Morrison beat Dolph Ziggler in a pretty good match, there were some pretty big botches and timing issues between the two at first. Morrison won it with his running knee strike.

8. Orton and Cena beat Miz and CM Punk. Miz and CM Punk had the advantage for the entire match basically until the faces made a big comeback and hit their finishers for the win. After the match was over, Orton and Cena stuck around for a bit signing autographs and taking pictures.

Biggest Pops:
1. Orton
2. Cena
3. Morrison
4. Danielson
5. R-Truth

Biggest Heat:
1. Miz
2. Punk
3. Riley
4. Ziggler
5. Sheamus

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