As noted earlier this weekend, Kofi Kingston was interviewed by Here are the highlights:

On Defending the IC Title At WrestleMania: "It would be huge. Growing up, I was always a wrestling fan. I use to wrestle with a Bugs Bunny doll. That was my opponent of choice. I would always fantasize about being at Wrestlemania in the main event. Granted, I have the Intercontinental Championship and it won't be the main event match, but if I were to defend that championship at Wrestlemania, it would be a dream come true. It's singles competition, which would be a little bit different than Money In The Bank, which like you said, you have to share the spotlight with nine other guys. It's all speculation at this point. I'm not sure what's going on at Wrestlemania. I do know that I will be there and I will be in the building for sure and it's going to be a night to remember."

On His Character: "It just kind of happened to be honest. It wasn't any kind of decision that was made. For me, when I first came to WWE and I was representing the Jamaican character, what a lot of people don't know is Jamaica had a lot of influence on my life growing up. I was very into Reggae music, listening to guys like Bob Marley, etc. It was just something that was very influential in my life and just the good vibes, the food and the culture really influenced me growing up. So when I came to the WWE, it was kind of my tribute to an area that had a great influence on my life as well as something that had never been done before. As far as evolving into the Ghanaian character, every character in the WWE has some evolution if you think about it. You look at The Rock; he was just Rocky Maivia before he became The Rock. Stone Cold Steve Austin was The Ringmaster. It's all about evolution and storytelling. For me, going from being Jamaican to Ghanaian is just another element of my story and my evolution."

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