On tonight's episode of RAW, we saw the US Champion Sheamus, defeat Evan Bourne, WWE Diva's Champion, Eve Torres, defeat Maryse, and WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater, of The Corre, defeat Santino Marella, and Vladimir Kozlov.

We also saw the progression of the Michale Cole / Jerry Lawler feud, an impromptu, handicapped, "inter-gender", tag match between Dolph Ziggler, Lay Cool, and Vickie Guerrero vs John Morrison, and Trish Stratus, in a match that ended with Vickie pinning John Morrison. Later on, we had Randy Orton face off against Rey Mysterio in a match that would end with Randy Orton racing out of the ring towards his tour bus, only to be attacked by CM Punk as he got there.

Tonight's RAW concluded with Alex Riley coming out to the ring and announcing that he is now the Vice President of Corporate Communications. He went on to introduce The Miz, who came out cut a promo proclaiming himself The Greatest WWE Champion in History. He went on to unveil a new WWE Title (the current title with an upside down W), and was then interrupted by John Cena, who came out to the ring and put the Smackdown on The Miz and Alex Riley. The night would end with The Miz running off leaving A-Ry to fend for himself against an angry Cena.

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