WWE Raw Results (3-21) - Triple H, Cena, Miz & More!

WWE Raw Results (3-21) - Triple H, Cena, Miz & More!
"Yes sir, we promised you a great main event."

Justin Roberts is in the ring, and he announces the "voice" of the WWE, good ole JR. The Sooner's music hits, but it's Cole out with pillows under his shirt. (Saw this coming the second the music hit, but I didn't foresee the pillows.) The crowd went nuts until Cole came out. Cole came out with hat and a bottle of BBQ sauce. He taunts Lawler at the announce table, but when Jerry stands up, Cole goes running for his booth.

Triple H's music hits and the crowd really goes nuts this time. H says he's been in the business for 25 years which is a long time. In 2 weeks, he has the defining moment of his and the Undertaker's career. He points to a few signs out in the audience and mentions that the whole world is talking about the match. He talks about it being the biggest match of his life, and the streak is bigger than any championships, even the one's he's held, and that ending the career will be a career defining moment. He asks Taker to come to Raw next week to look him in the eye one week before their match. He wants to tell him face to face that he will end his streak. He ends his promo, looking into the camera for the first and only time, saying at Wrestlemania he will rest in peace. His music hits, but Ted Dibiase Jr comes out, complaining that a year ago he was a rising star, but now he's just an afterthought. He challenges H to a match, saying if he beats him, people will finally take notice of him. Ted gets in the ring, but H starts beating on him and they fight outside the ring, including Ted being thrown into the ring steps. H grabs a chair and takes it to Dibiase for his interruption. H clears off the announce table, grabs Ted, and pedigrees him through the table, after messaging the Undertaker by running his thumb across his throat.

They announce Cena's response to Miz, live via-satellite. They also announce Miz "rewriting Miz-tory" for later tonight, and we go to our first commercial break.

US Champion Sheamus vs Evan Bourne (non title)

We're back and US Champion Sheamus is already in the ring, and Evan Bourne comes out to a quiet pop. Not much reaction from the crowd that can be heard over the music. This a relatively short match here, where Sheamus owns Bourne. Evan did try a little offense, which included a splash from the top rope that missed. But Sheamus followed that with the Brogue kick and gets the pinfall.

Winner: US Champ Sheamus with the Brogue kick

Postmatch: Sheamus grabs the mic and starts announcing himself as the new US champ, but is interrupted by Daniel Bryan. Bryan says he wants to invoke his rematch clause and do it at Wrestlemania. Sheamus answers with a Brogue Kick, and leaves the ring.

We're informed that it is "Wrestlemania Rewind" week and tonight Rey Mysterio will face off against Randy Orton, in a rewind from their WM 22 match, and we go to another break. Wrestlemania rewind? If they want to go down that road, then how about Taker/HBK? Or is Hogan/Warrior from WM 6 too much to ask?

We're back and we're shown the replay from last week's Orton/Ryan match, including Orton's punt to Ryan.

Backstage, out in the parking lot, Orton is shown exiting his tour bus and is stopped by a guy to be asked a few questions. He is asked about riding on the bus, to which Orton calls it a home away from home, and mentions he watched the birth of the new Nexus on it. He says CM Punk insists that he's sick & twisted, but says that Punk has no idea what sick & twisted really is.

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