WWE Raw Results (3-21) - Triple H, Cena, Miz & More!

Diva's Champ Eve vs Maryse (non title match)

Maryse is already in the ring, and Eve comes out. This match goes back and forth for a few minutes, but it's just for Michael Cole to once again ask for another diva's match to hurry up and finish. But Lawler tells Cole to sit down, and he does. Eve hits her finisher and this one is over.

Winner: Eve

Postmatch: Eve goes to the penalty box to confront Cole for interrupting their match. Cole stands on his table and starts to taunt Eve, while she's being fended off by security, but she manages to place a slap on Cole. Cole sits one leg over his booth, taunting Eve some more saying "You want some more of this?" but she does walk away. Another announcement for Miz for later tonight, and we go to break.

WWE Tag Champs Slater & Gabriel w/Barrett & Jackson vs Santino & Koslov w/Tamina (non title match)

Back from break and Corre is in the ring. They show a replay of the end of the tag title match from SD Friday night. A return to the ring showing Barrett & company enjoying the highlights. Santino & Koslov are out next to a small pop. Santino & Gabriel start this one off first. Santino hits Gabriel with a hip drawl and tries for the Kobra early, chasing Slater off the ring, only to run into a quiet leg sweep from Gabriel and a quick 2 count. Slater is taggged in, and locks Santino up who eventually powers out of it. He tries to crawl to Koslov in the corner, but Slater grabs his ankle before Santino kicks him away and makes the tag to Koslov. He muscles around Slater for a few moments until Barrett causes the distraction on the ring apron. Slater DDT's Koslov, tags in Gabriel, who hits his 450 slam from the top turnbuckle, and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Slater & Gabriel

Postmatch: Corre starts beating on Koslov & Santino, until Big Show's & Kane's music hits. Kane is the only one showing any effects from their beating, as Kane has his ribs taped. Show & Kane are beating on Corre, even with a little help from the recovered Santino. Show/Kane take down each member, finishing up with a double chokeslam on Jackson.

We're shown a quick clip of Cena being prepped for his promo and we go to break.

Back from break and they announce that Rock will be live on Raw next week in Chicago. We're then shown a clip from Cena's match last week with Del Rio, followed by the ambush from Del Rio, Clay, and Rock-Miz.

Cena is live via satellite, and is asked what he will do next week on Raw. He answers that he will be face to face with The Rock, and if there is a problem, it will get settled. Lawler asks if he has had his mind taken off The Miz and if he has underestimated Miz? Cena says he has, and its why he's owned him the last 4 weeks, and its why he's home right now. And it proves that he deserves to be the WWE champ, and that he deserves the right to claim he can change the face of the WWE. He laughs at Miz's impersonation as Rock last week, and says that his celebration tonight will be equally creative. Cena says that he hopes that Miz rewrites history because at Wrestlemania, he plans on making history. Cole comes out of his penalty box, saying that Cena & Rock have a lot in common, they come via satellite. But he and Miz are there in person. He announces another world wide exclusive for Lawler, and says it's next as he goes to the ring, and we go to another break.

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