WWE Raw Results (3-21) - Triple H, Cena, Miz & More!

Back from break and Cole & Swagger are prancing around the ring. Swagger then exits the ring to approach Lawler as Cole takes the mic. Cole gets the heat as he does his "May I have your attention, please?" as he announces Swagger. He reminds us of last week when he brought out Lawler's son, and shows the clip. Cole says that Bryan gave him the Lawler family photo album. He then shows a few pictures of Jerry and his father, who is not taking it too well, as Swagger stands directly in front of him, waiting for him to get up. Cole continues to bash Lawler and his family, calling them losers, until he can't take it anymore and then off comes the headset. Swagger clocks him, turns his head to the ring, then runs into a fist from Lawler, who then slams his head into the announce table (which has been reassembled from earlier.) Lawler gets into the ring, causing Cole to run, with Lawler in pursuit. Jerry runs into a clothesline from Swagger, who presses him to the penalty box so Cole can taunt him. Swagger then knocks Lawler down and locks the ankle lock on him, before calling Cole out to get some of his own. Cole taunts Lawler some more, yelling "tap out!" to him. They raise each other's hand up, with a foot on Lawler, and Swagger's music hits. And we go to another break.

Back from break, Cole from within his penalty box again, "apologizes" for snapping moments ago. We're shown a replay of Snooki from Raw last week, as well as all the media attention she got from it.

Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero & LayCool) vs John Morrison (w/Trish Stratus, no Snooki)

Matthews gives his plug to Jersey Shore, as Ziggler takes early control of Morrison. But Morrison muscles him to the corner and fires off a few rounds, before Ziggler kicks the knee and taking him down. He then plants a neckbreaker back in the middle of the ring, followed by a quick 2 count. Zig pounds on Morrison, followed by a leaping elbow drop. He places Morrison in a headlock who powers out of it only to be bounced off the ropes by Ziggler. Morrison dives through Ziggler's legs, gets back up and nails a standing missle dropkick. Ziggler is back against the ropes, and Morrison clotheslines him, taking Ziggler outside. Morrison bounces off the ropes to go flying outside, but is stopped by Michelle McCool who gets on the apron. Trish comes around, clothes line Layla and then brings down Michelle. Trish gets in the ring with John, as Zig & company recover in front of the announce table. The GM chimes in, Cole does his shtick, leaves the box, & this time there is no Lawler to cut him off. He announces that this match is turned into an handicap intergender tag team match. Morrison & Stratus vs Ziggler, LayCool, and Vickie. Smiles abroad, and Trish grabs Vickie's hair to drag her into the ring, but is rescued by Ziggler and LayCool. We go to another break as the teams have a chance to recover.

John Morrison & Trish Stratus vs Dolph Ziggler, Layla, Michelle McCool, & Vickie Guerrero

We're back and the match is underway as Ziggler has Morrison in a headlock. Morrison fights out of it, chases Ziggler to the corner, and Layla tags herself in. Trish comes in and takes it to the former women's champion. She tosses Layla into the corner, comes in and meets a kick to the chest for her troubles. But Trish goes back in for a headstand on the bottom rope to grab Layla & toss her back to the ring. She slaps Layla in the corner and against the ropes. She slings her but it gets reversed and Trish runs into a kick in the back by Michelle who then gets tagged in. To be noted, she is wrestling with a brace on her foot, made to look like a boot, her foot still in a cast. She lays some kicks, fists, and a few knees on Trish, tries for a cover, but gets a one count. Trish tries to counter, but is dragged back to the corner and Layla tags in. She beats on Trish for a few and then tags in Vicki, who tries a leg drop, but misses as Trish makes the hot tag to Morrison, bringing in Ziggler. Morrison is on fire, landing two clotheslines and a leg sweep. He pounds Ziggler in the corner and follows up with a bounce off the rope & kick to the head of Ziggler. Layla runs around the ring to distract Morrison and drag Trish off the apron. Meanwhile, Morrison tries to nail the Starship Pain on Ziggler, but misses and possibly tweaking his knee in the process. Zig grabs Morrison, throws him through the turnbuckle into the ringpost, and nails the Zig Zag. Vicki asks to be tagged in so she can cover Morrison. And she gets the pinfall, and the record for it.

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