WWE Raw Results (3-21) - Triple H, Cena, Miz & More!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler, LayCool, and Vickie Guerrero

No postmatch here, we go to break.

Back from commercial to another clip for Sin Cara. Cole praises H for his rampage earlier in the night, and Matthews takes us to a video promo for Taker/H at Wrestlemania. Comments are seen from Cena, Big Show, Arn Anderson, Orton, Steamboat, Lawler, Morrison, JR, Austin, Booker, Harley Race, Jericho, Dusty Rhodes, and HBK, ALL of them talking about Taker & H. Starting with their encounter on Raw when they both returned, as well as what the both of them bring to Wrestlemania. A LOT of respect from each and every single one of these guys during this promo. Awesome promo here, makes me more excited about Taker & H at Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio (Wrestlemania Rewind Match)

Randy comes out to a large pop, as he poses in the ring. They show a replay of all 4 punts on the members of Nexus, and because of the WM promo, we have to go to another break.

Back from break, to a quick replay of Orton's interview from earlier. Mysterio's music hits and he's out to another large pop from the Raw crowd. They lock up and trade blows at the beginning, Orton throws Rey into the corner, charges into a boot from Rey, who then dives between Orton's legs, and lands a few kicks on Orton to bring him to his knees. When he swings again, Orton ducks and drives a forearm uppercut into Mysterio to knock him down. Orton back to his feet, using the moment to recover. As Rey gets back up, Orton picks him up, and throws him like a "lawn dart" under the bottom ring rope to the outside. The Viper paces around before going to retrieve Rey from outside the ring, tossing him back in, covers and gets a 2 count. A leaping knee drop, and another 2 count. He locks Rey up, who powers out of it for a brief moment, but tosses Rey into the corner and takes him upstairs. Rey fights out of it, punches Orton and lands a headbutt to drive off Orton. Its Rey who then goes upstairs with a seated senton bomb. Rey then bounces off the rope, gaining speed, but runs into a power slam from Orton. Orton gets fired up here, goes to hit the DDT from the second rope, but Rey counters rolling under Orton's legs, causing him to land on the second rope. Rey goes for the 619, but is caught by Orton who then successfully nails the 2nd rope DDT. The Viper coils, but is interuppted by Punk who is standing outside Punk's tour bus. Punk says it's a nice bus and he can't wait to meet his wife. Orton leaves the ring and runs to the bus. He goes to the door and is hit from behind by Punk in the left knee with some sort of object. Orton's wife opens the door, screams to which Punk responds with a fake scream of his own. (Real funny moment here!) He tells her to shut up and she shuts the door. It is a wrench in Punk's hand and he tells Orton that right now it's the voices that he is hearing in his head, telling him that he shouldn't have kicked McGillicutty, Otunga or Ryan in the head. (Notice he didn't mention Harris?) He says he doesn't think he will be punting anyone in the head at Wrestlemania asking "Ain't that a kick in the head?" He then kicks Orton, and gives a staredown, & blows a kiss to Orton's wife standing inside the door. She comes out to aid her husband and yells for help as we go to another break.

Winner: (Though not shown, but assumed) Rey Mysterio via count out.

Back from break and Undertaker is announced for next week to confront HHH face to face, as well as Rock live on Raw next week.

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