WWE Raw Results (3-21) - Triple H, Cena, Miz & More!

Alex Riley is back for more than 5 seconds, as compared to last week, and he's in the ring to bring out Miz. He announces that though he was fired a few weeks ago, he's been rehired back as VP of Corporate Communications. He then announces the most must see champion in WWE history, and the best man at his wedding (what?), and out comes Miz, without his belt. But there's a table in the ring with something covered on it, so it could be there. He talks about Ali and Jordan, then goes on about himself, saying everyone has been blessed with the honor of watching him. He then says that Rock, Cena and the universe hangs on to each word that he says. He praises himself for impersonating Rock last week. He then claims that he has rewritten last week. Calling himself more charismatic than HBK, more dominant than Andre, and have more intelligencethan The Rock or Cena. He calls himself the greatest WWE champ in history. He says he has flipped the WWE since day one, he pulls the logo off the mic, and flips it over to form an M, saying it stands for Miz. (He is getting a lot of heat here.) Miz announces that the time has come, to rewrite "Miz-story." The lights go out to show a spotlight on what is covered on stage.

It is revealed to be his championship belt, which is still John Cena's spinner belt, with the waist of it right side up, but the logo inside turned upside down. He then poses with the belt, as Cole praises the belt, and the crowds give him immense heat. The lights come back on as Riley places the belt on Miz, who says this is what the belt will look like from now on and it will spin no more. He does his awesome catchphrase, but no music since Cena appears on the Titan Tron, applauding him. He they says they're about to find out that they targeted the wrong person. Then a few guys appear behind Cena, as they disassemble the set behind Cena. It is shown that he is not live via satellite, he's actually in Pittsburg and the crowd goes nuts. He is fired up as he says that for the past 9 years, the WWE has been his home. He calls Miz & Riley two chuckwagons that are in his living room, and he's coming to take out the trash. Cameras follow Cena, as Miz & Riley clean the ring and ready themselves for Cena. His music hits as he comes to the stage, and Miz is in the ring holding the table as a shield. Blows are being traded, and eventually Miz leaves the ring, leaving Riley behind as Cena puts him in the STF. Miz comes back out, but to the stage, causing Cena to let go of Riley for a moment. Cena puts Riley back into the STF a couple of times to taunt Miz back into the ring. Cena eventually breaks the third hold, and his music hits as this show ends until next week with one more week before Wrestlemania. Goodnight everyone!

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