"Yes sir, we promised you a great main event."

Justin Roberts is in the ring, and he announces the "voice" of the WWE, good ole JR. The Sooner's music hits, but it's Cole out with pillows under his shirt. (Saw this coming the second the music hit, but I didn't foresee the pillows.) The crowd went nuts until Cole came out. Cole came out with hat and a bottle of BBQ sauce. He taunts Lawler at the announce table, but when Jerry stands up, Cole goes running for his booth.

Triple H's music hits and the crowd really goes nuts this time. H says he's been in the business for 25 years which is a long time. In 2 weeks, he has the defining moment of his and the Undertaker's career. He points to a few signs out in the audience and mentions that the whole world is talking about the match. He talks about it being the biggest match of his life, and the streak is bigger than any championships, even the one's he's held, and that ending the career will be a career defining moment. He asks Taker to come to Raw next week to look him in the eye one week before their match. He wants to tell him face to face that he will end his streak. He ends his promo, looking into the camera for the first and only time, saying at Wrestlemania he will rest in peace. His music hits, but Ted Dibiase Jr comes out, complaining that a year ago he was a rising star, but now he's just an afterthought. He challenges H to a match, saying if he beats him, people will finally take notice of him. Ted gets in the ring, but H starts beating on him and they fight outside the ring, including Ted being thrown into the ring steps. H grabs a chair and takes it to Dibiase for his interruption. H clears off the announce table, grabs Ted, and pedigrees him through the table, after messaging the Undertaker by running his thumb across his throat.

They announce Cena's response to Miz, live via-satellite. They also announce Miz "rewriting Miz-tory" for later tonight, and we go to our first commercial break.

US Champion Sheamus vs Evan Bourne (non title)

We're back and US Champion Sheamus is already in the ring, and Evan Bourne comes out to a quiet pop. Not much reaction from the crowd that can be heard over the music. This a relatively short match here, where Sheamus owns Bourne. Evan did try a little offense, which included a splash from the top rope that missed. But Sheamus followed that with the Brogue kick and gets the pinfall.

Winner: US Champ Sheamus with the Brogue kick

Postmatch: Sheamus grabs the mic and starts announcing himself as the new US champ, but is interrupted by Daniel Bryan. Bryan says he wants to invoke his rematch clause and do it at Wrestlemania. Sheamus answers with a Brogue Kick, and leaves the ring.

We're informed that it is "Wrestlemania Rewind" week and tonight Rey Mysterio will face off against Randy Orton, in a rewind from their WM 22 match, and we go to another break. Wrestlemania rewind? If they want to go down that road, then how about Taker/HBK? Or is Hogan/Warrior from WM 6 too much to ask?

We're back and we're shown the replay from last week's Orton/Ryan match, including Orton's punt to Ryan.

Backstage, out in the parking lot, Orton is shown exiting his tour bus and is stopped by a guy to be asked a few questions. He is asked about riding on the bus, to which Orton calls it a home away from home, and mentions he watched the birth of the new Nexus on it. He says CM Punk insists that he's sick & twisted, but says that Punk has no idea what sick & twisted really is.

Diva's Champ Eve vs Maryse (non title match)

Maryse is already in the ring, and Eve comes out. This match goes back and forth for a few minutes, but it's just for Michael Cole to once again ask for another diva's match to hurry up and finish. But Lawler tells Cole to sit down, and he does. Eve hits her finisher and this one is over.

Winner: Eve

Postmatch: Eve goes to the penalty box to confront Cole for interrupting their match. Cole stands on his table and starts to taunt Eve, while she's being fended off by security, but she manages to place a slap on Cole. Cole sits one leg over his booth, taunting Eve some more saying "You want some more of this?" but she does walk away. Another announcement for Miz for later tonight, and we go to break.

WWE Tag Champs Slater & Gabriel w/Barrett & Jackson vs Santino & Koslov w/Tamina (non title match)

Back from break and Corre is in the ring. They show a replay of the end of the tag title match from SD Friday night. A return to the ring showing Barrett & company enjoying the highlights. Santino & Koslov are out next to a small pop. Santino & Gabriel start this one off first. Santino hits Gabriel with a hip drawl and tries for the Kobra early, chasing Slater off the ring, only to run into a quiet leg sweep from Gabriel and a quick 2 count. Slater is tagged in, and locks Santino up who eventually powers out of it. He tries to crawl to Koslov in the corner, but Slater grabs his ankle before Santino kicks him away and makes the tag to Koslov. He muscles around Slater for a few moments until Barrett causes the distraction on the ring apron. Slater DDT's Koslov, tags in Gabriel, who hits his 450 slam from the top turnbuckle, and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Slater & Gabriel

Postmatch: Corre starts beating on Koslov & Santino, until Big Show's & Kane's music hits. Kane is the only one showing any effects from their beating, as Kane has his ribs taped. Show & Kane are beating on Corre, even with a little help from the recovered Santino. Show/Kane take down each member, finishing up with a double chokeslam on Jackson.

We're shown a quick clip of Cena being prepped for his promo and we go to break.

Back from break and they announce that Rock will be live on Raw next week in Chicago. We're then shown a clip from Cena's match last week with Del Rio, followed by the ambush from Del Rio, Clay, and Rock-Miz.

Cena is live via satellite, and is asked what he will do next week on Raw. He answers that he will be face to face with The Rock, and if there is a problem, it will get settled. Lawler asks if he has had his mind taken off The Miz and if he has underestimated Miz? Cena says he has, and its why he's owned him the last 4 weeks, and its why he's home right now. And it proves that he deserves to be the WWE champ, and that he deserves the right to claim he can change the face of the WWE. He laughs at Miz' impersonation as Rock last week, and says that his celebration tonight will be equally creative. Cena says that he hopes that Miz rewrites history because at Wrestlemania, he plans on making history.

Cole comes out of his penalty box, saying that Cena & Rock have a lot in common, they come via satellite. But he and Miz are there in person. He announces another world wide exclusive for Lawler, and says it's next as he goes to the ring, and we go to another break.

Back from break and Cole & Swagger are prancing around the ring. Swagger then exits the ring to approach Lawler as Cole takes the mic. Cole gets the heat as he does his "May I have your attention, please?" as he announces Swagger. He reminds us of last week when he brought out Lawler's son, and shows the clip. Cole says that Bryan gave him the Lawler family photo album. He then shows a few pictures of Jerry and his father, who is not taking it too well, as Swagger stands directly in front of him, waiting for him to get up. Cole continues to bash Lawler and his family, calling them losers, until he can't take it anymore and then off comes the headset. Swagger clocks him, turns his head to the ring, then runs into a fist from Lawler, who then slams his head into the announce table (which has been reassembled from earlier.) Lawler gets into the ring, causing Cole to run, with Lawler in pursuit. Jerry runs into a clothesline from Swagger, who presses him to the penalty box so Cole can taunt him. Swagger then knocks Lawler down and locks the ankle lock on him, before calling Cole out to get some of his own. Cole taunts Lawler some more, yelling "tap out!" to him. They raise each other's hand up, with a foot on Lawler, and Swagger's music hits. And we go to another break.

Back from break, Cole from within his penalty box again, "apologizes" for snapping moments ago. We're shown a replay of Snooki from Raw last week, as well as all the media attention she got from it.

Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero & LayCool) vs John Morrison (w/Trish Stratus, no Snooki)

Matthews gives his plug to Jersey Shore, as Ziggler takes early control of Morrison. But Morrison muscles him to the corner and fires off a few rounds, before Ziggler kicks the knee and taking him down. He then plants a neckbreaker back in the middle of the ring, followed by a quick 2 count. Zig pounds on Morrison, followed by a leaping elbow drop. He places Morrison in a headlock who powers out of it only to be bounced off the ropes by Ziggler. Morrison dives through Ziggler's legs, gets back up and nails a standing missle dropkick. Ziggler is back against the ropes, and Morrison clotheslines him, taking Ziggler outside. Morrison bounces off the ropes to go flying outside, but is stopped by Michelle McCool who gets on the apron. Trish comes around, clothes line Layla and then brings down Michelle. Trish gets in the ring with John, as Zig & company recover in front of the announce table. The GM chimes in, Cole does his shtick, leaves the box, & this time there is no Lawler to cut him off. He announces that this match is turned into an handicap intergender tag team match. Morrison & Stratus vs Ziggler, LayCool, and Vickie. Smiles abroad, and Trish grabs Vickie's hair to drag her into the ring, but is rescued by Ziggler and LayCool. We go to another break as the teams have a chance to recover.

John Morrison & Trish Stratus vs Dolph Ziggler, Layla, Michelle McCool, & Vickie Guerrero

We're back and the match is underway as Ziggler has Morrison in a headlock. Morrison fights out of it, chases Ziggler to the corner, and Layla tags herself in. Trish comes in and takes it to the former women's champion. She tosses Layla into the corner, comes in and meets a kick to the chest for her troubles. But Trish goes back in for a headstand on the bottom rope to grab Layla & toss her back to the ring. She slaps Layla in the corner and against the ropes. She slings her but it gets reversed and Trish runs into a kick in the back by Michelle who then gets tagged in. To be noted, she is wrestling with a brace on her foot, made to look like a boot, her foot still in a cast. She lays some kicks, fists, and a few knees on Trish, tries for a cover, but gets a one count. Trish tries to counter, but is dragged back to the corner and Layla tags in. She beats on Trish for a few and then tags in Vicki, who tries a leg drop, but misses as Trish makes the hot tag to Morrison, bringing in Ziggler. Morrison is on fire, landing two clotheslines and a leg sweep. He pounds Ziggler in the corner and follows up with a bounce off the rope & kick to the head of Ziggler. Layla runs around the ring to distract Morrison and drag Trish off the apron. Meanwhile, Morrison tries to nail the Starship Pain on Ziggler, but misses and possibly tweaking his knee in the process. Zig grabs Morrison, throws him through the turnbuckle into the ringpost, and nails the Zig Zag. Vicki asks to be tagged in so she can cover Morrison. And she gets the pinfall, and the record for it.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler, LayCool, and Vickie Guerrero

Back from commercial to another clip for Sin Cara.

Cole praises H for his rampage earlier in the night, and Matthews takes us to a video promo for Taker/H at Wrestlemania. Comments are seen from Cena, Big Show, Arn Anderson, Orton, Steamboat, Lawler, Morrison, JR, Austin, Booker, Harley Race, Jericho, Dusty Rhodes, and HBK, ALL of them talking about Taker & H. Starting with their encounter on Raw when they both returned, as well as what the both of them bring to Wrestlemania. A LOT of respect from each and every single one of these guys during this promo. Awesome promo here, makes me more excited about Taker & H at Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio (Wrestlemania Rewind Match)

Randy comes out to a large pop, as he poses in the ring. They show a replay of all 4 punts on the members of Nexus, and because of the WM promo, we have to go to another break.

Back from break, to a quick replay of Orton's interview from earlier. Mysterio's music hits and he's out to another large pop from the Raw crowd. They lock up and trade blows at the beginning, Orton throws Rey into the corner, charges into a boot from Rey, who then dives between Orton's legs, and lands a few kicks on Orton to bring him to his knees. When he swings again, Orton ducks and drives a forearm uppercut into Mysterio to knock him down. Orton back to his feet, using the moment to recover. As Rey gets back up, Orton picks him up, and throws him like a "lawn dart" under the bottom ring rope to the outside. The Viper paces around before going to retrieve Rey from outside the ring, tossing him back in, covers and gets a 2 count. A leaping knee drop, and another 2 count. He locks Rey up, who powers out of it for a brief moment, but tosses Rey into the corner and takes him upstairs. Rey fights out of it, punches Orton and lands a headbutt to drive off Orton. Its Rey who then goes upstairs with a seated senton bomb. Rey then bounces off the rope, gaining speed, but runs into a power slam from Orton. Orton gets fired up here, goes to hit the DDT from the second rope, but Rey counters rolling under Orton's legs, causing him to land on the second rope. Rey goes for the 619, but is caught by Orton who then successfully nails the 2nd rope DDT. The Viper coils, but is interuppted by Punk who is standing outside Punk's tour bus. Punk says it's a nice bus and he can't wait to meet his wife. Orton leaves the ring and runs to the bus. He goes to the door and is hit from behind by Punk in the left knee with some sort of object. Orton's wife opens the door, screams to which Punk responds with a fake scream of his own. (Real funny moment here!) He tells her to shut up and she shuts the door. It is a wrench in Punk's hand and he tells Orton that right now it's the voices that he is hearing in his head, telling him that he shouldn't have kicked McGillicutty, Otunga or Ryan in the head. (Notice he didn't mention Harris?) He says he doesn't think he will be punting anyone in the head at Wrestlemania asking "Ain't that a kick in the head?" He then kicks Orton, and gives a staredown, & blows a kiss to Orton's wife standing inside the door. She comes out to aid her husband and yells for help as we go to another break.

Winner: (Though not shown, but assumed) Rey Mysterio via count out.

Back from break and Undertaker is announced for next week to confront HHH face to face, as well as Rock live on Raw next week.

Alex Riley is back for more than 5 seconds, as compared to last week, and he's in the ring to bring out Miz. He announces that though he was fired a few weeks ago, he's been rehired back as VP of Corporate Communications. He then announces the most must see champion in WWE history, and the best man at his wedding (what?), and out comes Miz, without his belt. But there's a table in the ring with something covered on it, so it could be there. He talks about Ali and Jordan, then goes on about himself, saying everyone has been blessed with the honor of watching him. He then says that Rock, Cena and the universe hangs on to each word that he says. He praises himself for impersonating Rock last week. He then claims that he has rewritten last week. Calling himself more charismatic than HBK, more dominant than Andre, and have more intelligencethan The Rock or Cena. He calls himself the greatest WWE champ in history. He says he has flipped the WWE since day one, he pulls the logo off the mic, and flips it over to form an M, saying it stands for Miz. (He is getting a lot of heat here.) Miz announces that the time has come, to rewrite "Miz-story." The lights go out to show a spotlight on what is covered on stage.

It is revealed to be his championship belt, which is still John Cena's spinner belt, with the waist of it right side up, but the logo inside turned upside down. He then poses with the belt, as Cole praises the belt, and the crowds give him immense heat. The lights come back on as Riley places the belt on Miz, who says this is what the belt will look like from now on and it will spin no more. He does his awesome catchphrase, but no music since Cena appears on the Titan Tron, applauding him. He they says they're about to find out that they targeted the wrong person. Then a few guys appear behind Cena, as they disassemble the set behind Cena. It is shown that he is not live via satellite, he's actually in Pittsburg and the crowd goes nuts. He is fired up as he says that for the past 9 years, the WWE has been his home. He calls Miz & Riley two chuckwagons that are in his living room, and he's coming to take out the trash. Cameras follow Cena, as Miz & Riley clean the ring and ready themselves for Cena. His music hits as he comes to the stage, and Miz is in the ring holding the table as a shield. Blows are being traded, and eventually Miz leaves the ring, leaving Riley behind as Cena puts him in the STF. Miz comes back out, but to the stage, causing Cena to let go of Riley for a moment. Cena puts Riley back into the STF a couple of times to taunt Miz back into the ring. Cena eventually breaks the third hold, and his music hits as this show ends until next week with one more week before Wrestlemania. Goodnight everyone!

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