Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- On April 3rd, Tod Gordon, The Sandman and Pitbull Gary Wolfe will be hosting a Wrestlemania viewing party at the Penthouse Club Philadelphia. More details available at

-- As noted earlier here on the website, WWE has a big media day planned for Friday, April 1st in Atlanta. Most of the roster will be at the Georgia Dome for interviews. This is similar to the NFL's Superbowl media day.

-- The WWE Studios deal with Wal-Mart gives them exclusive rights to That's What I am, Breaking the Rules, Blood Brothers, Killing Karma and one additional film. Wal-Mart will heavily promote the DVD and Blu-Ray releases and then have a 90-day window to sell them exclusively. WWE has been doing the very limited theater releases to ensure that they could get their DVDs into Wal-Marts.

-- Steven Fernandes sent this one in: The updated card for the RAW house show in Winnipeg, MB on May 27th lists the following match for the US Championship - Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus. vs. John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Gail Kim. Don't know if it's an error on the event website or a turn coming up for Kim. Also, Sin Cara's name has been removed from the lineup. It could be another error though, as the match he was advertised for is still a Tag Team match, but Evan Bourne doesnt have a partner listed (versus The Nexus).

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