-- Legendary manager JJ Dillon was on Busted Open earlier this week on Sirius 125/XM 241 and had this to say about Triple H taking control of WWE from Vince McMahon: "Triple H is a product of the old school. He was trained by the man that I had my first match with, who was a true living legend and that's Killer Kowalski. Triple H has the roots. He has seen the success of the WWE marketing machine, but he also has a side of him where maybe he has a respect for the business that he's had his whole life that Vince [McMahon] can't duplicate respect because he didn't go through. He [Vince McMahon] didn't follow that same path. I think it'll be a positive thing if at some point the reins, whether Vince [McMahon] retires or you know everybody, someday, you don't live forever, and it'll be interesting to see. The business has changed. I said years ago that the WWF then which now is the WWE would become like the Harlem Globetrotters. It's something you go see. You really thoroughly enjoy it. You're amazed by the things that they are able to do, but once you see it it's not something that you would come back and watch next week. You know maybe six months from now, more likely a year from now you'll say 'Oh the Globetrotters are back, what a great show. Let's go watch.' Other than Wrestlemania because it is Wrestlemania, it's their Super Bowl. They bring in these outside stars. The world has changed for them and now they're forced because the product that they developed to have to go everywhere in the world, internationally, in places they would have never have thought of going before because of the exchange rates and so fourth. So the world has changed and unfortunately and it won't ever go back to the glory days."

-- WWE.com posted pictures of Santino Marella's appearance on TLC's Cake Boss earlier this week at this link.

-- FightLine.com has a video posted of Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker talking about the UFC's purchase of Strikeforce at this link.

-- You can check out the latest version of TNA Today with Robbie E. below:

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