Shawn Michaels stepped inside the WTR Squared Circle this past Wednesday to talk about his his charity auction for how you can win a chance to meet Shawn Michaels and see him get inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame, along with more memories from his WWE career. Here are some highlights:

On deciding who will induct him in to the WWE Hall of Fame: "Its one of things where I find myself debating whether I make it different or do what I want to do or do I make it interesting or do I make it controversial, its hard for me to get out of the performance mode, they keep telling me its about you just enjoy it, its just hard not to feel like people are expecting something. Its hard for me not to think that I have to do something and I have had a tough time narrowing down whether I am just going to enjoy it or make it a performance."

On how Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho came up with the aftermath of their Wrestlemania 19 Match Up: "I always likened it to Godfather 2 when Michael Corleone kisses Fredo and says I knew it was you. We thought about numerous different things and I said how about nothing works better than a swift kick to the nuts."

On working with Chris Jericho: "One of the sheer joys he and I had, we both love sitting around with each other and coming up with things to make things just a little better and really get in to the creative process."

Other subjects include who has the better elbow drop between Shawn Michaels and Randy Savage, working moves that other superstars in the past in to his Wrestlemania matches, along with talking about all of the charities he is working with. You can catch the Shawn Michaels interview on demand at in the archives section.

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