Tonight, we saw The Undertaker return to say he will see Triple H face to face this Monday Night on Raw. He told H that when he interrupted his return on 2-21-11, his fate was decided & his number was chosen, and that number will be 19. What did you think of the words of the dead man tonight on Smackdown?

We also saw the Intercontinental Championship change hands from Kofi Kingston, to the man that defeated him for the belt, Wade Barrett, in a hard fought match. Edge defeated Drew McIntyre, and we also saw Jack Swagger defeat R-Truth in a quick match, to give the WWE Universe more reason to hate Michael Cole.

And Rey Mysterio was shown in another "Wrestlemania Rewind Match", this time facing off against CM Punk. This match ended in a DQ when Cody Rhodes came down to give a beating to Mysterio, which resulted in the masked warrior getting knee brace to the face of his own, from Rhodes. What will happen to Master of the 619 now before their match at Wrestlemania?

The evening ended with a hard fought match between Christian and Alberto Del Rio. Christian won the match, and prevented Edge from nailing Del Rio with a chair, which would've banned him from their Wrestlemania match. Let us know your thoughts on tonight's episode in the comments below.

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