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-- As noted earlier here on the website, Michael Cole is in some deep you know what as it pertains to his homophobic tweet earlier today. In the "corporate reality world", almost nobody apologizes for things like this unless there is major pressure to do so from the higher-ups. That was indeed the case today as Cole was notified by WWE management to remove the tweet ASAP and issue an apology. WWE isn't happy about it. Also, WWE and GLAAD were just in a major spat over remarks made in several recent John Cena interviews as well as a segment on RAW where he addressed The Rock. WWE pretty much promised them that nothing like this would happen again and now we've got the incident today. Trust me when I tell you this is going to be made into a big deal in the media. Ask Dana White what happened several months ago when he did the same thing. has more on that. It's not good news for WWE.

-- All the big WWE "draws" are expected to be at the WrestleMania 27 press conference next Wednesday. They include Triple H, The Rock, Edge, John Cena and Snooki.

-- The Dragon Gate USA United We Stand PPV replays today on InDemand's primary PPV channel at 6PM ET today.

-- Seth 'Tyler Black' Rollins has a blog up, discussing he differences and similarities between working in the indies and working for WWE. You can read that at

-- has now confirmed that professional skateboarder, entrepreneur and reality TV star Rob Drydek will be appearing at WrestleMania AXXESS on Friday. He will be there on behalf of The Make-A-Wish Foundation along with his co-stars Big Black and Drama.

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