-- Brock Lesnar recently spoke to MMAJunkie.com about coaching the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. Check out the highlights:

On getting invested in the show: "When you're forced to be around people ... I wanted the best for the guys. I just found myself getting invested for them guys to win and be successful."

On getting attached to the competitors: "There's a point in the show where we put in a lot of time with a certain individual, and there's some success that builds into it. So yeah, you get attached in some ways. But do I have anybody on speed dial? No."

On his team: "I tried to influence them. It really is a short period of time that you've got these guys. You've really got to manage your time well with them. Five-and-a-half weeks is a short period of time, and there's a lot of fighting going on in that period. So if these guys bring bad habits to the table or they lack experience in one area, you've got to be pretty creative and figure that out really fast."

On his team's size: "Fighting is fighting. These lighter guys move a lot faster, but still the basic fundamentals to fighting are pretty much the same. Some guys came into the show with different areas that they were stronger in, and I was able to give them some more wrestling."

On relating to his team: "I'm not too much older than some of these guys. They're just at a different level. These guys are one-in-a-million guys that wanted to make it to the next level, and they got an opportunity, just as I got an opportunity from (UFC president) Dana (White) to be a fighter. So they have to fight for it and earn it because they are not a household name. To relate ... I don't find any in it. But there's one thing in common with all fighters. They want to be the best they can be an excel in what they do. So I can relate to them in that respect."

On whether he would do it again: "I was there to do a job. My job was to be the coach for 'The Ultimate Fighter.' We had a great group of guys. It was a good opportunity for me to learn, as well, and I probably wouldn't do it again. But I did enjoy it."

-- Junior Dos Santos recently spoke to MMAJunkie.com about Brock Lesnar & TUF 13. Here are the highlights…

On Brock & The Media: "Brock is so used to the media spotlight and being in front of the cameras, and he's such a ... professional guy."

On Brock Bringing Fans To MMA: "Brock is a guy that's bringing a lot of fans into MMA, (and) he's a guy that's very well known in the U.S. [I'm] a guy who's starting to come up right now, and this is a great opportunity for all of my fans to be able to see me."

On Nogueira's Advice: "[Nogueira] said just to act like myself," Dos Santos said. "He said the first week will be the most difficult, and then I'm just (going to) get the hang of it, and I felt that's exactly what happened."

On His Thoughts On Brock: "It's hard to say what my impression was of Brock because I didn't know him before, but after getting to know him on the show ... he's actually a pretty nice guy."

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