-- This week's RAW drew a 3.8 cable rating, with 5,838,000 viewers. The first hour did a 3.56 (3.6) cable rating, with 5,445,000 viewers while the second hour drew a huge 4.06 (4.1) cable rating, with 6,231,000 viewers. The show featured an extremely long over-run (Rock-Cena-Miz) which obviously played a factor in the second hour ratings.

-- WWE has revived the old WCW.com website. As noted earlier, this is the ten year anniversary of WW(F) buying WCW from Time-Warner. There is an interview on the site with Chavo Guerrero. Before any rumors start, there are absolutely zero plans to revive WCW. You can check out the site at this link.

-- Maryse, as well as Chris Jericho's wife and son, were in the crowd at Dancing with the Stars last night. As noted yesterday here on the website, WWE is sending talents to Dancing With The Stars weekly to get some face time. That show draws insane ratings which is why they're doing it.

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