Source: Creative Loafing

Bruno Sammartino recently spoke to Atlanta's Creative Loafing and talked about a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction, here is what he had to say: "First of all, when they started all this garbage with the nudity and these girls always having accidents where a bra will fall off or whatever, then the vulgarity and the Kiss My Butt Club, and the profanity that they use and stuff like that, I find all that appalling and I was very, very outspoken. Then the drug use, of course, was the most appalling for me. So what kind of a person would I be to accept that ridiculous Hall of Fame after being as outspoken as I was? I think it would be very hypocritical on my part and I would never accept that because I don't believe in it. I guess one should never say never, but I would have to see an awful lot of change before I would even think of it. A lot more than what I'm seeing now."

We shall see!

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