The Miz recently spoke with, here are highlights of that interview:

What Superhero Would He Be?: "I would love to be Captain America," he reveals. "Nobody says America like the WWE champion The Miz. Have a huge shield, the blue outfit—I mean, my eyes would pop [in] that sucker."

On The Rock's Return: "When The Rock first came [back to WWE], he called out John Cena," says The Miz. "I was a little upset about that, because I'm the WWE Champion, I'm the person everyone should be going after, but Rock's going after Cena? Everyone said, 'The Miz is getting overshadowed, because Cena's only paying attention to The Rock now,' but I left [Cena] down and out four weeks in a row, basically bringing all the attention back to me, because that's what a WWE champion does. He knows how to take two icons and make them the side story rather than the story."

On WrestleMania: "Expect the unexpected," promises Miz. "I am The Miz, I am the WWE Champion. I'm going to steal the show. Everyone will be talking about The Miz after WrestleMania XVII. They're not going to be talking about Undertaker and [Triple H], they're not going to be talking about Snooki being involved, they're not going to be talking about The Rock or John Cena; they're going to talk about The Miz being victorious at WrestleMania XVII and retaining his WWE Championship."

On What Marvel Movie He Wants To See Next: "I'm excited for 'Thor,'" he says. "I wanted to be Thor, to be honest. I wondered who was going to play him. [I figured they needed] a tall, blond, kind of big, muscular guy—who are they gonna get? Maybe they should get The Miz. But no, you chose [Chris Hemsworth]. Which, ok, I get it, I understand, I dig it. The last time I remember Thor in a movie was 'Adventures in Babysitting.'"

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