-- Brock Lesnar was on a local radio station in New Hampshire today and addressed the whole Undertaker situation. Lesnar said that he's not going to be a pro wrestler and go to WrestleMania, and that he and 'Taker WERE once friends. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

-- WrestlingINC.com reader Joey sent this in: Jim Cornette and ROH owner Carey Silken were at the PCW show last night in Atlanta at the Masquarade. Jim Cornette talked and took photo's with everyone who approached him. I asked Carey if they had a new TV deal in the works, and he said that they did. He said it wasn't with TRU TV.

-- Arda Ocal & Jimmy Korderas caught up with Road Warrior Animal on Right After Wrestling minutes after being announced as the latest inductee (along with his former partner/manager, Hawk & Paul Ellering) into the WWE Hall of Fame. Here are some highlights:

On the honor of being a future Hall of Fame inductee with his partner Hawk and manager Paul Ellering: "Well you know how it is. Jealousy is the greatest equalizer (in our business) sometimes. Guys who don't get invited to it...it's just jealousy. You look at the path people take in this business, and I knew it was going to be sooner-or-later."

On the possibility of a physical Hall of Fame being built in the future: "WWE is looking at a big building in Tampa. I'm gonna donate some of my gear there - maybe some of my spiked-shoulder pads will go in the Hall. They're getting stuff from everybody. And it's gonna be an attraction - some place where fans can go. It's gonna be like the pro-football hall of fame"

For the full minute show, click here.

-- 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Abdullah the Butcher was on Busted Open earlier this week to talk about his induction. Here are some highlights:

On his longevitity in the wrestling business: "A lot of the people when I tried to get in to New York, a lot of the guys knocked me. They knocked me 'He's gonna use the fork, too much blood, too much this...'. That's why I never got in to New York. The boys are the boys' worst enemies. They try to get over with the promoters 'Hey, don't bring Abdullah the Butcher in here' because I was talking to Vince McMahon Sr. in Japan and he wanted me to come in to work with Hogan... But I always did want to work in New York. I have a bad hip, but when I get in the ring, I can still move."

The one wrestler he'd like to stick a fork in to: "Ric Flair would never fight me....never....he would never fight me, and I could have made a lot of money with him. But the two top guys I'd like to stick a fork in....Johnny Ace.....and Vince McMahon... And then when I was stabbing him in the head, I would have said you never should have listened to the guys telling you not to bring me in."

Visit BustedOpen.net to listen to a portion of the interview.

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