Smackdown kicked off with Wade Barrett defending the IC title against Kofi Kingston. Kofi gets the advantage but is soon booted in the face by Barrett. The Champion assaults Kingston outside the ring before tossing him back in. Kofi gets the upper hand and goes up to the top rope, high cross body, goes for the pin, Barrett kicks out at two. Kofi looks for Trouble in Paradise and gets a boot to the face instead. Barrett tries to go for Wasteland but is stopped short. Kofi connects with Trouble in Paradise and The Corre jumps in for the DQ. A beating on Kofi ensues. Santino and Kozlov come in for the save but are immediately taken down by The Corre. Pyro hits! Kane and The Big Show come out for the save. The ring is cleared with the faces in the ring and the heels on the ramp. This one is over, folks.

We go to a clip from last week's show. Cody Rhodes putting the boots to Rey Mysterio. This sets up a backstage interview with Cody Rhodes. Matt Stryker asks Cody why he did what he did last week. Rhodes goes on to answer with "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." He is embarrassed at how he looks, he is bitter. Last week was only the beginning because at WM 27 Rey is going to have to contend with his face mask and his knee brace. We go to commercial.
We come back from commercial and we are inside The Georgia World Congress Center for WM Access. The Bellas are with Todd Grisham, and then The Undertaker - Triple H video montage is shown.

We come back from commercial and The Bellas are shown with Todd Grisham again and then the Randy Orton - CM PUNK video is shown. After that, we go to commercial again. After the break, The Road Warriors' HOF video package is shown.

We are back to in ring action from Monday, with Jack Swagger vs Jerry "The King" Lawler. The match is quickly taken outside, Lawler connects Swagger with a chair and this one's over. Lawler tries to go after Cole but was stopped short. Lawler's entrance music hits and he walks out to the ring. He is introduced by Justin Roberts. Lawler gets in the ring and talks directly to Michael Cole. Michael Cole sits out here and runs his mouth for week in and week out. Cole talks about King's mom who recently passed away, he brought in his son just to embarrass him. The King knows Cole is scared now, everything he did to him is because of Jack Swagger. But at WM, Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to take care of Swagger, and then King promises that he will not only beat Cole, he will shut his mouth for good. The King walks out of the ring and walks up the ramp to the back. We get another WM promo, featuring many Superstars and Divas. Break.

After the Break, we are shown the Shawn Michaels, Triple H and The Undertaker's promo from RAW. Break. When we get back, the Bellas are with Grisham again. The Miz is shown on the Conan O'Brien show and we get another break. We return and get video package from Snooki, Trish and Laycool.

We come back from break and the Bella's are getting hot for Alberto Del Rio. The Edge - Alberto Del Rio video package is shown. Break.

After the break, Cody Rhodes is introduced. It appears he has new music. Chris Masters comes out. The match is on, but wait, Cole is shown walking out with security. He gets in his box. Cody is all over Masters. Rhodes hits Masters in the back of the head and stomps him with a boot as well. Masters tries to put the Master Lock on Rhodes but fails. Cody uses the ropes to counter and applies the Cross Rhodes, and this one is over folks. Woah, LOOKOUT, it's Rey Mysterio! He comes out and gets Cody into position for a 619 but Cody moves out of the way just in time. Mysterio's music hits and Cody walks up the ramp.

A promo featuring Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke from Dancing With The Stars is shown and we go to commercial.

After the commercial, we are shown The Rock, John Cena and The Miz' in ring promo from Monday Night Raw. This one is over.

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