Full ROH WrestleMania I-PPV Results - Night One

We are LIVE in beautiful Atlanta, GA.

Grudge Match
El Generico vs. Michael Elgin
Generico and Elgin lock up so start, but Elgin easily tosses Generico across the ring. Generico answers with a series of knife-edge chops, but Elgin drops Generico with a running shoulder block. Generico traps Elgin in the corner and goes to work with the mounted punches. Generico heads up top and catches Elgin with a flying cross body for a two count. Generico goes for a swinging DDT out of the corner, but Elgin catches him mid-move and reverses into a sweet back breaker for a two count of his own. Elgin lands a stiff forearm shot to Generico's lower back and then drops Generico with a stiff back elbow shot. Elgin drags Generico back to his feet, but Generico floats over into a sunset flip for a quick two count. Elgin whips Generico to the corner and lays into him with a chop to the chest. Elgin takes Generico up to the top rope, but Generico knocks him down to the mat and goes for a sunset flip. Elgin tries to counter and sit on Generico's chest, but Generico just manages to roll out of the way. Elgin connects with a front kick to the gut, but Generico heads up top and hits a gorgeous flying hurricanrana. Generico finds the Blue Thunder Driver for another two count. Elgin charges at Generico in the corner, but Generico catches him and suplexes him into the turnbuckles for a two count. Generico goes for the Yakuza Kick, but Elgin catches Generico's boot and goes for the Stampede. Generico escapes momentarily, but Elgin levels him with a lariat for a long two count. Elgin sets up for a powerbomb, but Generico powers out into a back drop. Generico charges at Elgin, but Elgin catches him with a spinning side slam. Elgin rams Generico's head into top turnbuckle and charges toward him again, but Generico low-bridges the ropes and sends Elgin tumbling to the outside. Generico goes for a splash off the ring apron, but Elgin catches him. Generico creates some distance and hits his patented swinging DDT from the floor through the turnbuckles. Generico rolls Elgin back in the ring and goes for the Yakuza kick, but a mysterious masked figure emerges from the crowd and grabs Generico's leg. The distraction allows Elgin enough time to regain control and land the 360 Powerbomb for the three count.
Match Result: Michael Elgin defeats El Generico with the 360 Powerbomb.
Match Length: 9:13

Truth Martini gets on the mic before the match and reminds Caleb Konley that this is his chance to prove his worth and earn his spot in the House of Truth.

Four Corner Survival Match
Homicide vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/ The Embassy vs. Colt Cabana vs. Caleb Konley w/ Truth Martini
Homicide and Konley start the match, and Konley takes control with a deep arm drag. Homicide and Konley run the ropes, but Konley once again hits a deep arm drag. "Let's Go Spanky! CLAP-CLAP-CLAPCLAPCLAP" from the crowd. Dude, Konley really does look like Brian Kendrick. Homicide makes the tag to Cabana, and Konley lands a hurricanrana for a two count. Cabana gets back to his feet and connects with a reverse flying ass for a two count of his own. Cabana gets the tag to Homicide while Konley tags Ciampa. Ciampa sends Homicide to the outside, and the Embassy runs roughshod over Homicide. They finally roll Homicide back into the ring, and Ciampa makes the tag to Konley. So far, this match has functioned as a tag team match with Cabana & Homicide vs. Konley & Ciampa. Konley stomps on Homicide's head and then lands a volley of forearm shots to the back. Konley slingshots Homicide's neck into the bottom rope for a two count. Konley rolls into a modified Fujiwara arm bar (with his feet on the opposite side of the arm being worked), but Homicide finally escapes. Konley goes for a big boot, but Homicide ducks and makes the hot tag to Cabana. Cabana goes wild with elbows and levels Konley, Ciampa, and most of the Embassy. Cabana flattens Konley with a reverse flying ass in the corner, but Ciampa rushes the ring and makes the save. Konley and Ciampa turn on each other, and it appears that they are now the legal men. Ciampa hits a back breaker on Konley, but Homicide makes the blind tag and gest a two count on Konley. Homicide hits a somersault suicide dive to Cabana on the outside, then a second to both Ciampa and Cabana, and then a third to all three opponents. Homicide rolls Konley back in the ring and goes for the Ace Crusher, but Konley counters. Homicide regains control and lands Da Cop Killa for the three count.
Match Result: Homicide defeats Caleb Konley with Da Cop Killa.
Match Length: 9:22

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