Thanks to reader Chris Childs for sending in this report from WWE Axxess:

What a great day at WWE Axxess. I had a blast and I have to say it's really great that WWE puts this kind of event on for the fans. Everyone we met was really nice.

A few hours before Axxess we went to Wendys to eat lunch and on the way out was Maryse who is so beautiful in person that I was at a loss for words and wanted to speak to her but didn't know what to say. She must have thought I was an idiot because I stopped mid way in the parking lot staring at her. Then a few seconds later and Alex Riley came out. I chatted with him for a little while and he was really nice. Asked me if I was going to wrestlemania, I said yes and he thanked me for coming out and said it's going to be a great show. He was really nice. I tried not to ask too many questions because I felt I was holding him and Maryse up so I shook his hand and went inside.

I went to the evening signing got there a little after 5. The line was very long and I knew it was going to be a long night. There were so many people, I couldn't believe it. It's really good of all the WWE stars to sign and take pictures with all of the fans, there were so many.

First line I went to was Dolph Zigglers. His was the shortest at the time. He was very nice, he took a photo with me and my friend and I asked him if he preferred smackdown or raw and he said he really enjoyed Smackdown but loves being on live TV. He had a surprisingly low voice and wasn't very loud at all but he was very nice.

Next I went over and got a photo with Maryse. The line was long and it must have took 30 minutes to get to her. She was smiling and was very friendly. I didn't mention seeing her at Wendys earlier and hoped she didn't remember me. She has to be the most beautiful diva. I didn't talk to her much but she was nice.

Next up I went to Taminia, Santino and Kozlov. I met Kozlov back in 2009 and he refused to take a picture with me. But here he was very nice. All 3 of them took photos and appeared to friendly to everyone. I asked Taminia if her dad was going to be at Wrestlemania and I don't think she understood me because of all the people talking, she smiled and nooded lol. Santino was talking in his accent and being a funny guy. He looked at my friend, who has really big arms, and said he would challenge him to an arm wrestling match but knew he might get beat. It was cool how personable he was.

I went to Alex Rileys line. He remembered me from earlier and was really nice once again. He took the time to ask me questions and acted like he was interested in me. He asked who my favorites were and if my seats at wrestlemania were good ones. I asked him if he was going to go out on his own without the miz anytime soon. He said it might be sooner rather than later and said he has a new theme that he will start using on TV soon. He was the nicest guy to meet.

I was in line for over an hour to see Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel. Both were very nice. I was surprised at how nice Wade really is. He plays his character very well. He seems like the kind of guy who can get along with anyone. He made fun of a guy wearing a Cena shirt saying "aren't you a little old for that shirt?" which cracked a lot of people up. Justin Gabriel was very nice and seemed like most of the girls in the building were waiting in line for him.

The last person we met before we left for the evening was Jack Swagger. He was nice and took a photo with my friend while giving him a headlock. Some guy in front of us asked him how it felt to win money in the bank a year ago and now this year he's Coles backup. I didn't hear Jacks response but I would imagine he put that asshole in his place. Not cool at all.

All in all besides the long lines it was a great event. Lots of action going on all around us and lots of stuff for the little kids. I really hope the WWE keeps this up and maybe even consider doing it before other pay per views as it's a really fun fan experience.

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